Is Secretary of State Evnen being paid to manipulate our elections? Per his own argument in the clip above, this is a fair question for us to ask; for as he says, a person could easily be bribed. So why not him? If he thinks so little of Nebraskans as to tell us that we are not trustworthy to provide oversight of the counting of the votes, then why should Nebraskans trust HIM when we are granted no outside oversight of the process whatsoever?

In the above clip, Evnen also states that if those who are involved in providing oversight of our elections are caught in a lie, then they should be done for and no longer trusted. The same must apply to him. Secretary of State Evnen HAS been caught lying to us and should no longer be trusted to provide oversight of our elections. The evidence of Evnen's dishonesty and negligence in providing oversight of our elections is addressed in the videos below. 

This video below addresses Evnen's dishonesty and also shines a light on who it is who Evnen appears to be getting his talking points from. (Spoiler: It's DEMOCRATS who appear to be guiding his narrative!) 

And the following video does away with any arguments that Evnen might have misspoken when he inaccurately reported how the Mark Zuckerberg-funded CTCL grant money ("Zuckerbucks") was spent in Lancaster County. Look, if Evnen was providing proper oversight of our elections, he would have known with certainty what many Nebraskans who had looked into the matter already knew (even though it was HIS job and not ours to know it)--and that is that NONE of the grant money was spent on PPE. So why was he pushing this PPE story, which was the narrative that was also being pushed by DEMOCRATS?

If any of our elected officials are presented with this proof of Evnen's negligence and they still continue to tell us to trust him, then we should no longer trust those elected officials either--even if they are Republicans. If you want to find out where your senator stands--with the people or with politicians--the links below offer tools you can use in contacting your senator for answers. We get what we accept.

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