"This two-party blame game is one of the many weapons that our enemy has used, and are using, against us. It's our fault. And as long as we continue to sit, watch, and complain, without doing something to change things; if we continue to watch the connected and the elite thumb their nose at the very laws that they pass to enslave and bludgeon us with, well...then, when it's our turn to be hauled away, we will deserve it. And that's what history says." --Jeremy Brown

The video above is a condensed and edited excerpt of a recent podcast with Jeremy Brown. The entire episode is worth your time. I would encourage everyone to follow the JeremyBrownCampaign on Rumble and the account of his podcast host on Twitter, both of which can be found at the links below. 



You will not find anyone who speaks more truth than January 6 political prisoner Jeremy Brown, whose words we should heed with great caution, for he already HAS been "hauled away" by our government. He is one of many, and there shouldn't be a day that goes by that we aren't thinking about what it is that WE can do to right such wrongs--because it IS our fault that such things are occurring. We have been the problem. Do we have the courage to be the solution? Make no mistake, if we continue to do nothing, we WILL be next. And shame be upon us for not doing more to help those who already ARE being held as prisoners. The very government who is responsible for their imprisonment is NOT going to come to their rescue. So who will?

More from Jeremy Brown below. "We've been complaining about these things for so long, but it's like that's the only thing that we are capable of doing as a country any more is complaining and it really is heartbreaking..." 

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