An investigation into the origins of the China virus are a separate issue from an investigation into the origins of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines. An investigation of the origins of the virus would implicate Fauci (as well as others). An investigation into the development of the vaccines, though, could very well be the way that they finally have something to pin on Trump. They could do it this time, because (unlike with previous false allegations against him) Trump would have no strong arguments to defend himself, and (for those who are not turning a blind eye to history) Trump's own words and actions are very incriminating. Very. I've addressed some of my concerns about that in videos shared in this previous post:

As I've said before, it would not be justice for Trump to be the one who is made the scapegoat for all of it, but I have seen what "justice" has looked like in our nation for years now, and I hold no faith that those who hold evil intentions won't skate by with a mere slap on the wrist (at most) for their actions. The wrongdoing of Fauci will be acknowledged, but what will be done about it? Likely little to nothing, I fear. And, in part, I think we have Trump himself to blame for having helped to solidify such a precedent, for he claims not to have "felt strongly" about seeking accountability from Hillary Clinton for her wrongdoing. Instead of seeking to "lock her up," he let her go. And Trump likely could have prevented the entire "Russian collusion hoax"--which led to the resignation of General Flynn and the recusal of AG Sessions--from ever happening if he had only heeded the warning that he often issued in that "Snake" poem and had never kept Comey on as FBI Director. (We knew damn well he was a snake.) We have become a nation that administers "justice" based upon how one "feels" about something, rather than following through and holding people to account regardless of any "feelings" involved. And, unfortunately, such a mindset of arbitrary "justice" has led many to "feel" that Trump should not be held to account for his part in the development of the deadly vaccines. But we cannot expect accountability from Fauci or anyone else when "we the people" have created our own two-tiered system of turning a blind eye to Trump's involvement because of how we "feel" about him. True justice requires accountability for all involved.

I've received a lot of pushback from those who still support Trump (as I once did) for making the observations that I have. My concern is that conservatives who already lack representation in our government--even (and perhaps especially) from elected Republicans--are going to be weakened even further when (as I believe will happen) Trump is implicated for his part in the development of the vaccines. I think that many who still support Trump have bought into fairytale "Q" propaganda narratives that WANT people to stay "loyal" to Trump as their perceived stronghold because, when Trump falls, all those who held faith in him will be left lost and scrambling to pick up the pieces. And, at that point, I fear that it will be too late for us to even try. Perhaps it already is.

The concerns which I have raised are ones that conservatives run from. No one wants to discuss this, but I think that it is imperative that we do. The comments below are my responses to some of the "arguments" people have made to me in defense of the decisions Trump made in 2020. "Trump was lied to." "Trump's not a doctor." "Trump said 'ivermectin' and 'hydroxychloroquine'." "Trump had no choice." The arguments made in defense of Trump are weak when the facts of history are examined, but many have bought into the fictional stories about Trump as "the anointed one" and they can no longer discern the truth from the lies--even when the truth is right in front of them. We are in a bad place, folks. 

Trump is known for pushing for buildings emblazoned with his name in large letters to be built "ahead of schedule and under budget. Though he largely avoids the issue now, his insistence that HE be the one awarded "credit" for the development of the vaccine suggests that he was looking at the development of experimental vaccines in the same way that he looked at the development of a building or a piece of real estate. Granted, that is just a guess on my part as to what was motivating his actions regarding the vaccines, but I truly hope that it was just a matter of Trump’s ego run amuck, because other explanations would paint him in a far more sinister light for having made decisions that no one of his intelligence should have made—especially given the great responsibility he bore to ensure that he acted wisely. He didn’t act wisely, though.

I have no medical background either, but I did pay attention in my 8th Grade Science class when my teacher taught us that there had never been a successful vaccine for the common cold, which is what a coronavirus is. It also took nothing more than common sense (and literacy) to know that in 2020 we were suddenly being asked to wear masks for social control reasons. Protective qualities were being attributed to masks which were not supported—not even by the very studies cited by the CDC under their recommendations for people to “mask up.” Common sense also should dictate that we had never (in my lifetime) used masks to protect against viruses as we were being asked to do during the plandemic. And then, of course, those who are literate could read the side of the box of masks, which indicates that they don’t protect against viruses.

There were many who had no medical background who could see that what we were doing made no sense. There were also many who DO have medical backgrounds who were trying to warn everyone. Trump knew about the Frontline Doctors. THEY were the ones pushing hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. You cannot credit Trump with having mentioned those when he failed to shine a spotlight on those who were suggesting those medicines. As many have often said, Trump had no medical background, so he should have credited—and listened to—those doctors who were telling him about the success of using those inexpensive drugs. If so many of us without “a medical background” could see what was going on, then how could Trump not have? Instead, he CHOSE to listen to Fauci and Birx—and largely ignored those who spoke of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and were PERSECUTED for it.

As POTUS, the buck stopped with Trump, and I think that Americans who never want to relive a year like 2020 should have some questions for Trump about why he went along with the things that he did. With regard to arguments that "Trump was lied to," the facts show that Trump knew in Feb 2020 that the virus had a very low fatality rate, but he went on to shut down our country for a virus that took fewer lives in 2020 than heart disease or cancer did. A SMART person would be asking Trump to answer for why it is that he changed his story to the plandemic fear porn narrative that the virus was so deadly and that HIS vaccine (he insists he be credited for it) saved millions of lives. People would be damned fools to continue to trust Trump ever again without first demanding that he answer for why he did the things that he did.   

To the arguments many have made that Trump "had no choice," I say that there is ALWAYS a choice. It just comes down to the matter of whether or not one is willing to accept the consequences that come with any given choice. There is some great irony, I think, when Trump supporters bring up the Nuremberg trials when talking about the vaccines, and yet they fail to acknowledge that, until Trump himself pushed HARD to get through the red tape to deliver a vaccine at "warp speed", NO ONE was at risk from death, injury, illness, miscarriage, or possible sterility from any COVID-19 vaccines.  

I've heard the propaganda arguments that Trump "had to" fast-track the experimental vaccines because “they were going to happen anyway”, and that the consequences of it are small by comparison to what they imagine would have happened if Trump had not pushed for the development of the vaccines. Do these people even realize what it is that they are saying? Nazis tried to justify the murder of Jews as having been a response to an anticipated threat. And the evidence used in the Nuremberg trials that many like to bring up when talking about the COVID-19 vaccines was film footage that had been located and gathered of crimes which had already been committed. It is a weak argument to claim that the commission of crimes against humanity for the sake of PRODUCING evidence to “expose” and prevent the “precrimes” of others is in any way justified. Such narratives that paint Trump as a hero in all of this depend upon Trump taking part in the wrongdoing in order to produce (not expose) the evidence they claim is needed. 

These arguments have been planted by Q propaganda narratives that have led to a revision of history in the minds of many--to the point that they can no longer see the truth, even when it is right in front of them. I remember learning about the Holocaust when I was a kid and wondering how something like that could ever possibly happen. It was baffling to think that so many could be convinced to go along with something like that. But I no longer wonder about any of that. The Q propaganda--which is so easily debunked by REAL truthseekers--has demonstrated just how easy it is to get people to go along with a lie and to cheer it on and defend it with hatred in their hearts for any who dare to speak against that which they have been brainwashed into believing is the truth.

CORRECTION: It was brought to my attention that MOST common colds are caused by rhinovirus and not coronavirus. Coronaviruses account for 20% of common colds. I don't like misinformation and I appreciate it being pointed out to me. I will do what Trump seems unable to--I will acknowledge and correct my mistake

I wish more people would speak up when they see that corrections should be made in the information that people share. The truth would be a lot less obscured if people would. But I don't think it changes my argument any. Having no medical background, I had never even heard of coronavirus until the plandemic reporting began, and it was then that I heard it reported that the common cold was a coronavirus. Apparently, some are; most aren't. The point I was trying to make is that it's a weak argument to make to say that Trump had no medical background. Even so, there were a lot of red flags that should have led to deeper questioning of the "cure" than there ever was. There was discussion (early on) about how we should ensure that the response (or "cure") was not going to cause more harm than the virus itself. All of that seemed to have gotten thrown out in favor of fast-tracking an experimental vaccine that--even at the time that it began to be widely distributed in December 2020--many (including vaccine manufacturers themselves) said that there were many unknowns about what the vaccine would do and that we wouldn't know until people began to take the shots. There really should have been more questioning about whether or not it was necessary to destroy our country and fast-track an experimental vaccine for a virus that had such a low fatality rate. 

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