I truly hope I'm wrong about this, because even though Trump has lost my support as a presidential candidate due to the poor judgment he displayed in 2020, I do know that he has been a constant target of many on the left and will no doubt continue to be. It would not be justice for Trump to become the scapegoat when so many others are involved who should also have to answer for their part in the atrocity of the COVID-19 vaccines. But does anyone believe for one second that Trump isn't the one who will be set up to take the fall? 

How many elected Republicans stood with Trump (and with US) following the corruption of the November 2020 elections? Essentially none of them did. And how many elected Republicans pushed back against the fear porn plandemic narrative that blanketed our nation in 2020? Essentially none of them did. In each of those instances, the silence of those Republicans makes them all culpable as well. The plandemic lie continues to blanket our nation even to this day. (Though I believe Governors Noem and DeSantis have been speaking more honestly about the true nature of the plandemic.) The prevailing false narrative that the plandemic was so very deadly is a lie that practically all Republicans to this day (including Trump) have failed to speak the truth about. (I'm not excluding Democrats, but I never expect them to speak the truth about anything.) The truth is that heart disease took more lives in 2020 than COVID-19 did. So did cancer. And yet we destroyed our nation over a virus with a fatality rate of less than half of one percent for most individuals. Do you think that all who were involved and were culpable in all of that are going to share the blame? Of course they won't. Trump was at the helm of our nation during the plandemic, and you can bet that those who have executed failed witch hunts against Trump in the past are going to do their damnedest to get this one to "stick." 

Only this time, it won't be a witch hunt. It will be a scapegoat mission. There are MANY who should be held to account for the vaccines, but Trump is among them, and I would not at all be surprised if both Democrats and Republicans allow Trump to take the fall for the bulk of it. (Never forget that it was a bipartisan effort that allowed our country to be taken over by tyrants following the corruption of the November 2020 election.) Any honest investigation of the development of the vaccines WILL implicate Trump for his part in all of it. And with other failed attempts to try to pin something on Trump, I can see this one actually succeeding—because unlike the others which were rooted in false narratives, Trump (the self-proclaimed “father of the vaccine”) cannot escape his part in the development of the vaccines. The "whataboutism" arguments aren't going to matter. The “badness” of Biden, Fauci, Soros, Schwab or anyone else does not equate to the “goodness” of Trump. (And Trump is the one that they're after.) 

Despite being a favorite of those on the left, it might be impossible for Fauci to avoid being held to account, at least in part. He certainly deserves to be punished for what he has done. All who are at fault should be held to account--but seldom, if ever, do those involved in the activities of the Deep State get what they deserve. Perhaps the reluctance that Trump expressed in an interview a few months back when he was asked if he would like to see Fauci prosecuted was because Trump fears that if Fauci is held to account, then Trump himself will be made to answer for his own part in the vaccines as well. He would be the one they would target. I believe he has done himself no favors by not being honest about the vaccines. In a world where justice was not blind, both men--as well as many others--would have to answer honestly for their part in all of this. And certainly some are more at fault than others. With the kind of government that we currently have in place, I would not be surprised that, if Fauci falls, his fall will be cushioned by Trump beneath him. I hope that I am wrong in worrying that this is where this investigation might lead, but I would be lying if I said that I held any faith in our elected Republicans to show the backbone required to get it right. I also no longer hold out hope that our politicized and no-longer-blind justice system would get it right either. 

There are, unfortunately, many conservatives who can no longer view any justified criticism of Trump in an honest light, for there are many propaganda "fake news" narratives targeting conservatives which have led many to abandon their capacity for critical thought if any of it involves a thorough and honest look into Trump's role in the development of the COVID-19 vaccines. All involved should be held to account. Biden could never have mandated that “beautiful shot” (Trump’s words!) if Trump himself had not been the one to push so hard for the development of it. And I don't for one second believe that most elected Republicans won't be more than willing to allow Trump to be the scapegoat and to (per their usual response) fail to fight to ensure that others who are guilty face justice too. Those with a "D" next to their name are seldom, if ever, held to account, and the milktoast efforts of Republicans to work toward holding Democrats accountable for anything are often so weak as to make one wonder which side of the aisle that most of them are really on. 

Those who still support Trump (as I once did) need to be honest and realize that Trump’s part in the development of the vaccines may very well prove him to be a WEAK candidate to support. People have forgotten history, but there is a LOT of evidence (including Trump’s own words) that implicates Trump as being a major force behind the development of the vaccines. And quite literally, too, if you watch the interviews that he and Fauci have done in the past and listen to Trump boasting about how hard he pushed for the unprecedented fast-tracking of the vaccines. Q propaganda narratives have caused Trump supporters to forget Trump’s actual involvement.

If you believe that Trump “had no choice,” then you have fallen prey to propaganda narratives pushed by Q-related sources. That is all propaganda and, for those who still truly do question everything, it only takes a few minutes of your time to see that those sources are full of misleading information and ‘fake news.” They are unreliable and should not be trusted. Trump should have called out Q as “fake news” just as he did CNN and all of the others who mislead people with false narratives, but I can only assume that it is Trump’s ego that has prevented him from doing so, for the Q propaganda paints Trump as the hero. Trump supporters may one day be surprised to learn that the Q propaganda has been nothing more than a rewriting of history. I don’t claim to know who is behind the propaganda. I do know the Q narratives are blasphemous and are conditioning people to accept globalist narratives, though. The great irony is that such propaganda has been used to great effect in weakening our nation, for it has caused patriots to unwittingly become cheerleaders of their own destruction. 

The videos below point to some of the information which I believe is going to be very problematic for Trump as a presidential candidate, and perhaps even more problematic for him with regard to an investigation into the development of the COVID-19 vaccines. The forgetting of history is a dangerous thing, and many (perhaps most) conservatives who still support Trump are either not aware (or perhaps never knew) of all of the recorded videos there are out there of Trump speaking about how hard HE pushed to get through the red tape in order to ensure that the experimental shots were developed at “warp speed.” The truth is that, even though they were doing it for political reasons, even the mainstream media was issuing warnings about the safety concerns and the impracticality of trying to speed up test trials. Anything that relies upon observations over the passing of time in order to ensure safety is something that simply cannot be sped up to “warp speed.” It defies all common sense. Those on the left aren’t willingly going to come out and say that the vaccines are causing harm, but what will they do when they can no longer avoid reporting the truth? They would likely scapegoat Trump for the vaccines entirely. They left could play footage of their own attempts to try to warn against the fast-tracking of the shots. And it wouldn’t even be hard for them to make the case that we wouldn’t have the vaccines if not for Trump because has given them all the ammo that they need by boasting that it is HIM that we all should thank for that “modern day miracle” he has insisted he be credited for. And, again, Trump has boasted loudly in the past about how HARD he pushed to fast track the shots. (“They said it couldn’t be done.” Sound familiar?) All they would have to do is to run footage of Trump’s own words. He would not be able to defend against it. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Unlike other attempts to point the finger of blame at Trump using false allegations, pointing the finger of blame at the self-proclaimed “father of the vaccine” for the harms that they are causing will be a charge that sticks in ways that made up stories about Russian hookers peeing on a bed never could. 

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