I generally don't follow any mainstream media sources. I follow sources, which--though are admittedly biased--are still often spot on correct in the things that they DO report. (Usually, anyway--not without fail.) But I am struggling now to find even conservative outlets I can trust. 

Where those conservative sources upon which I used to rely are now failing is in the loyalty that they are demonstrating to Trump which has caused them to now do exactly as the mainstream media has done--they distort the "news" and the information that people receive by failing to cover the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Outlets like The Gateway Pundit (though they are, by far, not the only one doing it) run cover for Trump by failing to report on any of his failures or by offering reporting which excuses Trump of his bad judgements.

Take a look at this 2022 guest post from Wayne Allen Root who is an ardent Trump supporter and a regular contributor to The Gateway Pundit. Root doesn't focus on Trump in this article, but if you aren't familiar with Root, suffice it to say, his articles are usually about how he believes Trump is the only person upon whom we can rely to Make America Great Again.  


This article from Root points to the very delusions that continue to be held by so many in our nation. It is an example of the brainwashing through propaganda that has taken hold to the point that we are now a nation of people who are no longer able to reason.

In this article, Root speaks a lot of truth about the virus and the vaccines. Here is some of what he says: 

"Now that we know this whole thing was over-blown and exaggerated to scare you to death…now that we know the vaccines don’t work as advertised (not even close)…now that we know the vaccines are actually dangerous and deadly…now that we know the lockdowns, mask mandates, school closures, business closures, and vaccine mandates accomplished literally nothing…and actually led to more illness, death, depression, addiction, suicide and destruction of our economy…

Why can’t anyone responsible for doing all this to us, just admit they were wrong?"

Those are great questions to ask. What is mindblowing is that Root and so many others who ask these questions are blind to the fact that the person who has claimed to be responsible for the COVID vaccines is TRUMP. He's literally said that we should credit HIM, not Fauci, not Biden, for "that beautiful shot" and that we would not have the vaccines if not for him--the self-proclaimed "father of the vaccine."

Tell me--how do you reconcile the acceptance of a belief in these two competing narratives? 

How is it, do you think, that so many can purport to believe that the shots are deadly and yet simultaneously hold the view that the very man who claims to be responsible for those "death jabs" (as they call them) is somehow beyond reproach and not to be questioned with regard to his own self-proclaimed prominent role in the development of the shots which many claim to be the tool of murderers?

Read the excerpts below that are taken from Root's article. It very clearly shows just how much trouble our nation is in, for even as he has offered a clear description of those at fault, which would necessarily include the self-proclaimed "father of the vaccine" (Trump), he simply cannot see that the man that he champions to this day as the savior of our nation is among those whom he has so rightly warned us are our greatest threat. 

Why is it that Root never considers that it is perhaps Trump's own guilt and shame that keeps HIM from speaking the truth now about the virus and the vaccines? To this day, Trump upholds the very narrative which Root claims is the that of those whom he accuses of "doubling down (claiming they were right all along and saved lives)." Take a look at some very recent comments from Trump and then ask yourself, Isn't that precisely what Trump himself continues to do? 

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