Many complain about our broken government and say that government is supposed to be of, by, and for the people. In many ways, I believe that Kennedy's Independent run for POTUS offers a test of our sincerity, for Kennedy's candidacy offers us an option to CHOOSE (and not have chosen for us) a candidate whose win would break the chokehold we are kept in by the tribal party politics of Republicans vs Democrats.

I view Kennedy's run as an Independent candidate as our last opportunity to move the needle away from its firm position which has been stuck on uniparty politics (absent the involvement of the people) for far too long.

THAT is what I support.  

Kennedy's candidacy offers us an opportunity to disrupt our tyrannical government.  But will we take up that opportunity or will we foolishly let it pass us by?

WE are the ones who must make it happen. The regurgitation that occurs when people claim an Independent could never win is simply a spitting up of that which has been shoved down our throats. The idea that a third party or independent candidate cannot win is one that has been fed to us by the two dominant parties who stand to lose the most if people wise up to the scam. And it is a scam, because despite keeping us at each other's throats, they operate very much like a uniparty and in unison in keeping the power in the hands of a government that is not of, by, and for the people. The fault is truly our own for having allowed that to happen. We got lazy. 

When we outsource the protection of our freedom, then government is no longer of, by, and for the people; it becomes something else entirely. The best reason to support Kennedy is because he offers us the best opportunity to disrupt a system that will remain broken UNLESS it is challenged.

We get what we accept.

The full video from which the excerpts were taken regarding Trump's 2A comments may be viewed here: 

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