If this is such an important issue, then why isn't the leading Republican candidate--who presided over our nation when the decision was made to fund the production of these shots--addressing it? 

How is it that Trump supporters can hold the beliefs that they do about the harms of the shots and yet support a candidate (the self-proclaimed "father of the vaccine," no less) who refuses to even address this issue in his campaign speeches?

The full article from Wayne Allen Root may be read on The Gateway Pundit at the following link: 


As I have written about before, this disconnect of narratives truly does seem to be evidence of a mass formation psychosis which has taken a stronghold over the minds of many in our nation. https://www.voicesofnebraska.com/silent-no-more/why-is-no-one-talking-about-this-mass-formation-psychosis

What is truly crazy is that Wayne Allen Root and so many others are in full support of a candidate who doesn't even agree with them on this issue. Trump STILL purports that the vaccines were a success of his that saved millions of lives. 

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