Why is no one talking about this mass formation psychosis? 

How is it, do you think, that so many can purport to believe that the shots are deadly and yet simultaneously hold the view that Trump--who claims to be responsible for those "death jabs" (as many call them)--is somehow beyond reproach and not to be questioned with regard to his own self-proclaimed prominent role in the development of the shots which many claim to be the tool of murderers?

Many Trump supporters will get irate with you if you dare to suggest that they have succumbed to a mass formation psychosis with regard to their compartmentalization of beliefs surrounding the "death jabs" and their beliefs about Trump as the savior of our nation. But the evidence is there to show that a YUGE number of people in our nation--to include many of our elected officials and many influential talking heads on the conservative side--hold a faith in Trump that is completely incompatible with the views that they hold regarding the COVID shots that Trump has insisted HE deserves all of the credit for.

I often get told that I'm the crazy one for suggesting that such a mass formation psychosis exists, but it has already been evidenced in 2020 just how easy it is for our nation to so easily be convinced to accept and conform to narratives which are irrational. The best example of that was when our entire nation fell under a fear-induced mass formation psychosis that caused the vast majority of people to comply with the social control measure of wearing a mask. Even many who knew full well that the call for people to "mask up" had nothing to do with protecting people's heath still put on the mask. People made the choice to engage in an action which many knew made no sense, but they did so anyway, because it was the easier thing to do. Everyone else was doing it. To have gone against the grain would have been to stick out like a sore thumb among the masses of those who complied. More often than not, even a mesh-type mask was acceptable, as long as you conformed and wore the symbol of the cult of COVID. It was the compliance that was sought. And, hey, it's "just a mask." It would all go away after Trump was reelected in 2020. That's the excuse many gave to me when I would ask them why they would wear a mask when I knew that they didn't believe the masks protected against viruses. 

So the reason that I am confident and will not back down in my assertions that so many in our nation are under a mass formation psychosis now with regard to the COVID shots and Trump's role in the development of them is because I also didn't go along with the mass formation psychosis which took hold of our nation regarding the masks. I didn't comply with the masks. I know what it's like to stand in a crowded place--a shopping mall or a store--and have people look at me as if I were the freak for not having put a mask on my face when everyone--and I do mean EVERYONE--else in the store had one on. I am fortunate to say that I never really was hassled for having never worn a mask-even in cities and states where masks were mandated. But fear is a powerful motivator, and I believe that in the minds of many, the fear of the consequences of not complying was greater than any threat of actual enforcement. And in the instances where people did get hassled for not wearing a mask, the response of those around them was largely just to watch and remain silent. 

The mass formation psychosis of the masks was on full display when my oldest son started college. He had received a full-ride scholarship, inclusive of room and board, and on the day that he moved into his dorm, he was told that the campus was under a mask requirement for the first two weeks of school. He informed them that it was a violation of his beliefs to comply with the masking requirement. They told my son that he would have to sit out the first two weeks of class and then catch up in the third week when the mask requirement was supposed to have expired. Of course, he laughed at that because he knew that the masking would not end after only two weeks, but he agreed to sit out the first two weeks of class. He spent that time going all over the campus mask-free, trying to find others who would stand up to the ridiculous and nonsensical mask requirement. No one would. Many told him that they supported him and that they agreed with him, but that they didn't want to lose their jobs or get kicked out of school--which is what they believed would happen if they were to have supported him. And they were right. When so few people stand up to the nonsense, then the nonsense continues and those who do try to fight back find themselves picked off one by one--made examples of so that others will continue to comply.

The third week of college rolled around and my son showed up mask-free to class. Of course, the mask requirement had been extended beyond the first two weeks of school (as he knew it would be). When he arrived in class without a mask--after spending the previous two weeks going all over campus without one--his failure to comply suddenly became a problem. He was told that if he didn't comply with the mask requirement in the classroom, then he would have to withdraw from the college. And so, rather than comply and go along with something which clearly had nothing to do with protecting health and had everything to do with exerting control over the masses, he refused to comply and he withdrew, forfeiting his full-ride scholarship. Many people tried to encourage him to take legal action against the school, but the truth is that the mass formation psychosis runs so deep that you'd be hard-pressed to find a lawyer who is willing to take such a case. I know many people who did search for such legal representation in 2020 and came up dry in their search. It is also notable that my son was attending college as a Criminal Justice major. The people within the Criminal Justice department at the college told my son that he was insubordinate for refusing to wear a mask and that he was a poor example of what it meant to be a Criminal Justice major. Let that sink in. These are the people who are training up those who will become our law enforcement officers, attorneys, judges, etc.  And such a distorted sense of the law has been going on for decades. I myself dropped out of law school in my first semester decades ago because I knew that the way that the law was being taught way back then was not right. 

My point in sharing all of this is to show that, despite the pushback I get from people when I suggest that many are under a mass formation psychosis with regard to Trump and the "vaccines," such an assertion is really not that far-fetched. We have a history of demonstrating that we can be made to accept that which is irrational out of fear for what will happen if we don't. I believe that is where we are now. I believe that people are so afraid and so desperate for someone to save our nation--as Trump says he will do--that they compartmentalize their support for Trump in ways which allows them to keep separate (and to ignore) Trump's very own claims that he is the person responsible for us having the shots that those same people believe are "death jabs." I think that, as with the masks, this is likely a fear-induced coping mechanism, for if those competing narratives were to collide in the minds of those who hold them, it would result in utter confusion and the shattering of what they believe to be reality. 

Trump isn't being honest when he says that "everyone wanted the vaccine" when he was president. Why is no one calling him on this lie? 

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