There is very little room left in our country anymore for that which is "thought-provoking," for even many conservatives now believe that to be met with views which do not align with their own is somehow a personal attack. 

I don't think people understand just how dangerous it is that this is where we are right now. I was booted from yet another Facebook group today, with the reason being that I am "rude and aggressive." As always, I invited my accuser to support such a claim with actual evidence. None of them ever do, though. Because they know that the truth is that I am met with FAR more rudeness and aggression than I have ever doled out to others. 

I do post things to provoke thought. I do admit that. It is written in the Bible that as iron sharpens iron, so does one person sharpen another. But we have gotten so far away from such an idea. We run from it and seek out safe spaces and echo chambers that only tell us the stories which we want to hear. And in doing so, we remain dull. What a dangerous place in which to be!

I don't think it is rude or aggressive to rightfully shame conservatives who have adopted the tactics of the left in that regard. I think it is truthful to say that there are a hell of a lot of conservatives who now believe that it is appropriate for them to shield people from information rather than to respect people enough to allow them to choose for themselves how it is that they will engage with (or make the choice for themselves NOT to engage with) the ideas of others. 

Conservatives who think that the things which I share are "dangerous" and too unsafe for others to be permitted to engage with are truly no different than those on the left. If the thoughts and opinions of others are truly so dangerous, then people might be wise to become better armed to confront such a "danger" rather than to flee from it.

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