This was all predictable. We allowed the primaries to be stolen (biggest mistake ever) and we did nothing to secure the general. What did people think was going to happen? And Mike Lindell's "warnings" to cheaters that they are being watched and tracked falls really fucking flat, if you ask me. I mean, he's already put out at least three movie length "proof" videos and not a damn thing has changed. Believing in Lindell and Dr Frank or True the Vote or any of them at this point makes about as much sense to me as believing that Q info is going to come to pass. They all keep making promises they can't keep. And they keep telling you that the solution to voter fraud is to get out and "overwhelm" the fraud. Are you kidding me? 

I don't accept the excuse of "these things take time." We don't have time. We are rapidly becoming a shithole country. And the "justice" system we are using to fight back with lawfare is a two-tiered one. The ONLY thing that is going to bring about real change is when the people get involved and demand accountability. Whining and looking to others isn't enough. People need to stop pinning their hopes on things like Trump (or a "Red Wave"--which didn’t happen) that they think will solve their problems for them. Any "Red Wave" in Nebraska is meaningless. Our government here is chock full of RINOs running amuck. And the “new and improved” NEGOP has just labeled a large number of their membership "conspiracy theorists" for not trusting the machines used in our elections. At present, it seems that the people have no representation, and the politicians have no oversight.

Who in our state is going to hold anyone to account? It has to be us. But will the people do what MUST be done if they want to actually see the results that they desire? Not from what I’ve seen. It’s like wanting to lose weight but not being able to put down the fork. We want to have our freedom and cheat it, too, by failing to do what is necessary to protect it. To be free people takes vigilance. It takes sacrifice. We are not entitled to it, but we have become a nation far too reliant on a government that we know we cannot trust, but which our sloth, arrogance, and lack of faith in God has led us to accept, simply because accepting the temporary comfort—even when we know it is but an illusion--is the easier thing to do. And yet, like spoiled children, we still whine when our bad decisions deliver bad results.

Nothing will change until the people hold those in our government to account. And that includes the Republicans in our state. In fact, it is especially the Republicans who should be held the most to account, for they are the ones who lied to conservatives when they promised (swore an oath!) to protect and defend our Constitution. It would be silly for conservatives to expect the Democrats to change. But they should have every expectation that those who purport to be conservatives who will represent them will keep to their word. Stop accepting that all politicians lie and that any of this is acceptable. It is not. Make them do the job! They have failed and they deserve to be made to answer for it, and yet we repeatedly give them a pass and make excuses for those whom we see as being on our side of the aisle. But are they really? Until people break the tribal mindset of thinking that this is a D vs R battle we are engaged in, then the tyrants of the uniparty will continue to sit entertained by the back and forth arena entertainment that they encourage in order to keep us distracted. 

We are the food and the entertainment of the uniparty. Until we, as a nation, realize that, the people will continue to be batted about and devoured.  

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