UPDATED: So as I understand it, the write-in votes AGAINST unopposed Secretary of State Evnen don't have to be reported, as no one registered as a write-in candidate for that race. But what still doesn't make sense to me is why the votes for the two write-in candidates for governor, who DID register to be eligible to receive votes as write-in candidates (paying the fees and filing the paperwork), do not have the votes cast for them reflected in the total count. Their votes were eligible to be counted, and they should have been reported (at the very least) as a lump sum total of votes cast for the two write-in candidates combined.


Original post:

I always distrust my own "reading" of numbers. I assume that I am probably misunderstanding something. But I asked this question in a couple of group chats--and then later on Facebook--and no one has yet been able to provide an answer. 

My strengths lie more with words than they do with numbers, so could someone who understands numbers better than I do explain the election results to me? 

I first looked at the reports for governor to try to see if I could figure out how many votes might have been cast for write-ins. The total percentages of votes adds up to 99.99, but when you add up all votes cast for Pillen, Blood, and Zimmerman, it adds up to the reported number of "total votes." (I was expecting some sort of difference that might reflect the write-ins, if that makes sense. But again, I'm not "mathy," so maybe I'm looking at this all wrong.) 

So then I went to look at the Sec of State results, because I wanted to see how much they would reflect a vote of no confidence in Evnen. But based on what is being reported, it looks like 100% of the total votes cast--everywhere--went to Evnen. If that is the true number of total votes, it doesn't reflect how I cast mine. And I know that there were MANY others who darkened the oval in opposition to Evnen. So he most certainly did not receive 100% of all the votes cast. Can the "mathy" folks help me understand this?

Here is the link to the reported results.


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