You may follow the link below to see my comments about a recent post on Twitter from the NEGOP which should alarm you if you are someone who believes that we need to get machines out of our elections.

If you thought that the "takeover" of the NEGOP meant that you were getting new people in there who were going to put the interests of the people above doing whatever it takes to win elections (for their own sake and not for yours), then you have been snookered. From what I've seen of the NEGOP Legislative Plan for 2023, there is no stated goal to push for removing corruptible machines from our elections.

The recent claim from the NEGOP that Mike Flood should be praised for "helping write legislation" that "gives the Secretary of State the authority to remove corrupt software from our election equipment" is absurd! The amendment proposed by Flood and then passed by our legislature revised the definition of our "voting system" to now include "any software or service" (ANY!) in the "creating, casting, and counting" of ballots. In no way whatsoever did Flood's adopted amendment move us closer to restoring integrity to our elections. In fact, it moved us in the opposite direction.

But what really stinks to high heaven about the NEGOP's cheering of Flood is their suggestion that Flood has helped to grant Secretary of State Evnen the authority to rid us of "corrupt software." WHAT A JOKE! For them to make such a claim very clearly indicates two things: 1) that they haven't got a clue that the revision of "voting system" leaves our elections WIDE OPEN to the use of "any software or service," making them MORE vulnerable, and 2) that they haven't got a clue that Secretary of State Evnen has ZERO intentions of ridding us of any "corrupt software," as is indicated in his public comment given before the Government Affairs committee.

Or maybe they do know. Maybe they aren't so clueless.

Here's what I know. I know that Governor Ricketts' office has told me that the change in how our voting system is defined was done to permit the Secretary of State to have more oversight. I am guessing that the amendment proposed by Flood to add "any software and service" to our voting system came at the suggestion of Evnen himself. But listen to Evnen's public comment, and then you tell me if that man is EVER going to give up the ES&S machines.

All Flood did was grant MORE authority and oversight to crooked Secretary of State Bob Evnen. So much for that "new guard" replacing the "old guard" of the NEGOP. They cheer on this bullshit and they beg for Republicans to vote for Pillen. And all the while, they don't even TRY to make Pillen a better candidate. The NEGOP should be demanding that Pillen get his ass out of the basement that he's hiding in and debate his opponents. But they don't. Instead, all the NEGOP cares about is winning elections, and the "new guard" is no different than the "old guard." Winning elections is good, but if they were sincere about restoring power to the people, they would insist that Republican candidates respect the voters enough to work to EARN their votes. Instead, they let them run amuck and make excuses for their bad behavior.

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