I had hoped to find the time to write some commentary that was entirely dedicated to answering that question. I think there has been a lot of forgetting of history that endangers us all when it comes to how it is that we evaluate presidential candidates. I must always add the caveat that I don't actually believe we will have fair elections ever again, but if we are going to continue with the theater of it all, then let's not cheapen our votes any further than the corrupted process already has. Let's not hold a coronation of Trump. (The irony of that! And yet many conservatives would love to see it). No, let's demand that candidates EARN out vote. Isn't that the way it should be? 

I have a house full of plants right now that are being readied for the garden, as well as other household projects--which are a far better investment of my time than politics--that are keeping me busy, so I haven't had the time to share my thoughts about much of what is going on in politics right now. I think much of what I would have to say would fall on deaf ears anyway. People don't like to hear bad news, and quite honestly, I don't think the facts point to anything good. I wish I had more time to devote to sharing this message, because I truly do believe that our failure as a nation to acknowledge "the biggest lie of all" is a tremendous threat. The "biggest lie" that has blanketed our nation is the lie that the virus that we allowed to destroy our nation in 2020 was ever the threat that we still, to this day, pretend that it was. 

So since I don't have the time at the moment to address that topic as I would like, I will share my recent Facebook comment to presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who has (in what, disappointingly, appears to be a political stunt) called upon others to defend Trump. I like much of what Ramasamy's message is, in general, but his recent "Leave Trump alone!" message would be better received by me if he would also speak to the root cause of why we are where we are now as a nation--why it is that we are even having such things as an impending Trump arrest playing out. And that discussion needs to be a TRUTHFUL one. So, though there is SO MUCH more that I could say, here are a few of my thoughts on that. This was my response on Facebook to Ramaswamy, but it would be my message to any candidate who seeks to EARN my vote. 

If you want to earn my vote, then talk about the J6 political prisoners instead. THEY are the ones who deserve your attention and THEY are the ones Trump should have called for protests to take place for TWO YEARS ago. Trump is only now getting around to mustering such a call to action because his OWN feet are to the fire?

Speak to the fact that the underlying problem in our country is the two-tiered systems of justice that we have come to accept without a fight. We still seek solutions from within the very systems that we KNOW are corrupted. We need stronger leadership than Trump. Trump complains that the D.A. overseeing his case and who is targeting him has let criminals "walk free.” But Trump himself has done the same! Trump said he "didn't feel strongly about" seeking justice with regard to Hillary Clinton. But "feelings" never should get in the way of the pursuit of justice. Trump has certainly been the target of witch hunts, but his own failures to hold people to account when he's had the opportunity have strengthened those who would seek to harm him--and us.

And Trump likely could have prevented the entire “Russian collusion hoax”—which led to the resignation of General Flynn and the recusal of AG Sessions—from ever happening if he had only heeded the warning that he often issued in that “Snake” poem and had never kept Comey on as FBI Director. We knew damn well he was a snake, and it was because of his “leaked” memos that the whole “Russian collusion” hoax was able to plant roots and plague us for as long as it did—yes, US, not just Trump. It isn’t all about him. His decisions bring consequences that we all must endure. We have become a nation that administers “justice” based upon how one “feels” about something, rather than following through and holding people to account regardless of any “feelings” involved.

Unfortunately, such a mindset of arbitrary “justice” has led many to “feel” that Trump should not be held to account for his part in the development of the deadly vaccines. But we cannot expect accountability from Fauci or anyone else when “we the people” have created our own two-tiered system of turning a blind eye to Trump’s involvement because of how we “feel” about him. True justice requires accountability for all involved. When Trump was asked in an interview if he agreed with Sen. Rand Paul’s desire to see Fauci prosecuted, Trump indicated no support of his own for the suggestions to prosecute Fauci, only saying that “Rand feels very strongly” about that. I'd like to think that Trump "felt strongly" about seeing Fauci brought to justice, but the truth is that whether he "feels" anyone should be held to account or not is irrelevant. Where harm has been caused, justice should be pursued.

We should be seeking out leadership that will follow through with holding others to account AND who is willing to be accountable for his own actions. Trump might have spared us all the trouble of at least some of those witch hunts against him if he had shown more spine and better judgment. Trump has a long history of failing to hold bad actors to account and has shown his unwillingness to be a strong counter-force to bad actors within our government on BOTH sides of the aisle. (He never should have endorsed Pierre Delecto and he shouldn't have backed McCarthy for Speaker). And Trump's failure to acknowledge that the vaccines that he told everyone were "safe and effective" are harming people demonstrates Trump's inability to hold himself to account for his own actions. You cannot have a nation under God without accountability, and a rejection of accountability is a rejection of God.

True justice will never be restored until we stop adhering to two-tiered systems, whether they be those within our own corrupted government or those that "we the people" adhere to in order to pretend that there is no wrongdoing within our own political party. No one gives a damn about the truth anymore if the truth in any way reflects badly on their own "team." The “badness” of Biden, Fauci, or anyone else does not equate to the “goodness” of Trump. All who have caused harm to our nation, deliberately or otherwise, should be held to account. We absolutely cannot have a nation under God without accountability. If we were serious in our claims of wanting accountability, we would not set up our own two-tiered system of only holding to account those who are on "the other side.“ The witch hunts have been real, but it's also REALLY hard to muster any heartfelt defense of a man who has thrown so many under the bus by refusing to speak honestly about "that beautiful shot" that he told everyone was "safe and effective." His silence is appalling.

Speak to THOSE things, and then you will have my vote. When is someone going to break through “the biggest lie” of all and start to ask why it is that our nation was destroyed in 2020 over a virus that took fewer lives that year than heart disease or cancer did? We are still blanketed under a false narrative that no one seems willing to speak the truth about. We need someone who will speak truth about the fact that so many mistakes were made in response to the plandemic. The “cure” was FAR worse than the virus, which had a fatality rate of less than half of one percent for most individuals. So why did billions in government funding get funneled to vaccine manufacturers for a vaccine that never was needed? And why were trillions more in government funds dumped into COVID “relief?” Where is the candidate who will ask those questions?

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