Someone posted something on Facebook the other day asking whether it was better to be pessimistic or optimistic right now, given all that we face. I think we should be REALISTIC. That should--if we are honest--cause us to see that the glass which was once full (and only got that way because people were willing to fight a war for their independence) is now half empty because of the loss of what we once had. 

They have taken half the glass and we just let them. The only way to fill that glass back up to full will be through a fight. Thirsty? Good luck. They aren't giving it back. 

An effective fight requires honesty about who it is that is actively and deliberately working against us, but it also requires us to be able to see with clear eyes who it is that is inadvertently (through ignorance, incompetence, laziness, etc.) leading us into harm's way. We blur the line between right and wrong and truth and lies when we permit bad actors and those who would harm us (deliberately or otherwise) to continue to blend in amongst us under the guise of being fighters on our behalf. So many people have fallen prey to the false narrative that good and evil are delineated from one another through political party affiliation. Until people understand that this NOT a reliable indicator of who is your friend and who is your enemy, they won't know to whom it is that they must take the fight. The only "fight" that takes place under a system of tribal politics is nothing more than theater.

Even the most conservative media sources deal in their own forms of propaganda, pacifying people with hope and talk of "winning," all while keeping the narratives solidly steeped in R vs D. No one gives a damn about the truth anymore if the truth in any way reflects badly on their own "team." You cannot have a nation under God without accountability. If we were serious in our claims of wanting accountability, we would not set up our own two-tiered system of only holding to account those who are on "the other side." 

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