It is of great concern to me that when Trump was recently asked what he would do differently when the next virus comes along, his answer suggests that he would do nothing differently from what he did in the past with regard to his response to COVID. 

The answer Trump gives this woman seems to blow off any concerns about the safety and efficacy of the shots, which he still seems to tout as a success of his--even as he also notably says here that he has chosen not to speak about the vaccines that he not so long ago proclaimed himself to be "the father of."  

It is notable that as he campaigns for president, Trump has gone rather silent on an issue  that rates so highly in importance among his base of supporters. What is even more notable is that his supporters seem to be giving him a pass on the matter. There truly seems to be a mass formation psychosis in which many in our nation are participating. The article below certainly suggests that there is.

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