Where have the voices of our elected Republicans been for the past year and a half? 

Why are our senators not losing the same amount of sleep over election fraud and medical freedom issues as I and others have? 

Why do they not demonstrate publicly the same level of concern? 

With the exception of Senator Clements, no other senator in the Unicameral has called for providing Nebraskans the much-needed assurance that our election process is secure and free from manipulation and vulnerabilities. 

We KNOW that problems exist. And even as we have all watched--and, worse, have felt the repercussions of--a takeover of our nation by tyrants, our elected Republicans in Nebraska and all across the nation have been COWARDS. 

They asked to be public servants. They asked to be our voice in government. They have not served us well, and I believe many have failed in adhering to the oath that they swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the constitution of the state of Nebraska. 

They should be raising as much hell every day as I am willing to raise until the freedoms which have eroded under their watch are restored to us. 


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