I think they just might let Trump "win." I really do. I mean, think about it.

Trump is the "ball" that they use in the games they play to keep our attention diverted to wherever they want it to be.

And I can only think that Trump is in on it, at least to the extent that he is willing to play along to feed his own ego, because he likes being the star of it all.

If they let Trump win, then everyone breathes a sigh of relief and suddenly (overnight) will believe that all is well with the world once more. That elections still work and that Trump is going to fix everything.

And I suspect things would definitely improve right away--but only to an extent. He won't be able to get our country back to what it once was. I mean, hell, it was on HIS watch that our nation began to plummet. Biden never could have been the threat that he has been if Trump hadn't set the stage for him so well.

Given that so many people attribute the election problems of 2020 to the changes that were made to voting in order to accommodate elections during a "pandemic," Trump should have been smarter and not given them the opportunity to do all that they did. He could have stopped it by listening to the right people--the people who were telling the truth about the virus not posing any threat that would warrant shutting down our nation.

Trump is NOT a man to be trusted. He is an arrogant liar who is always going to put himself first, and his ego makes it so easy for the left to manipulate him (if he isn't in on it already) into playing the role of the victim so that people will continue to keep their gaze set on "poor Trump" who is always under attack. It makes for good political theater, though, and Trump plays the role of "poor Trump" pretty well, constantly whining that they are out to get him.

But when he had the chance to get them (as he promised he would) he didn't do it. Did you know that at the Iowa rally that other day, he said he is now referring to Hillary not as "Crooked Hillary" but as "Beautiful Hillary?" WHAT? Does that sound like someone who is going to hold the Clinton crime family to account? He speaks more nicely about the Clintons that he does about DeSantis. I'm not on Team DeSantis either, but I think that between DeSantis and the Clintons, I know who it is that I deem to be a greater threat to our nation, and it isn't DeSantis. I don't particularly trust DeSantis either, though. I think he has political aspirations and is willing to engage in political stunts to win. (Like signing Florida legislation in Israel.)

Anyway, I very much think that they just might let Trump "win." I really do. It might be "one step back" in the big picture agenda of transforming our nation, but how many steps forward have they made in the last few years? Trump has proven that he isn't going to stand up to them, and there is no way that a person who hasn't the courage to stand up to them (assuming he's not in it with them) is going to be able to reverse all that much. And, again, keeping Trump front and center allows the distractions of the "get Trump" theater to continue so that people continue to look to Trump to be their savior and refuse to rise up and fight for their freedoms themselves. I think Trump could be allowed to "win" and that this bullshit could continue indefinitely.

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