Trump has recently suggested that he might avoid joining other candidates on a debate stage. They won't be fair to him, he says. Well, it's true. Trump has often been unfairly targeted. But is he the guy who is going to stand up to them or isn't he? He has a proven history of NOT standing up to the bad actors in our government when he has had opportunities to do so. And this talk about avoiding "unfair" questions from biased debate moderators or other candidates should be a red flag that Trump still doesn't have what it takes to ever follow up his bark with any bite.

Here is a list of some of the questions I wish were being asked of Trump. They are all fair questions to ask.

Ask him this: "Your past history of listening only to a narrow set of 'experts' (Fauci on the COVID virus, or the NRA on bump stocks, for example) has led you to make many decisions which your own supporters would find questionable. If you are reelected, how do you intend to select those whom you would appoint as your advisers?" 

Ask him this: "Why is it, sir, that you continue to support the vaccines even though articles come out daily to suggest that they are not "safe and effective?"  

Ask him why he calls for "loyalty" to HIM. Patriots are loyal to their country. Not to any man or any political party. It raises a red flag for me when Trump does this, for it indicates that he holds a "pay to play" mentality. Trump expects loyalty from those whom he believes he has helped. That would include all of us, right? Should we be putting so much faith in someone who holds this kind of tit-for-tat, "you owe me" view of how things should be done? If we hope to exist as a nation under God, then it must be to God that our eyes are turned--not to Trump. 

Ask him why it is that he didn't uphold his promise to hold Hillary Clinton to account.

Ask him why, after so often reciting that "Snake" poem that warns of the dangers of misplaced trust, he chose to keep that known snake Comey on as his FBI Director in the first place instead of dismissing him?

Ask him why, when he was asked about whether or not he'd want to see Fauci prosecuted, Trump's answer indicated that he would likely give Fauci the same pass he gave "Beautiful Hillary." (As he now calls her.) 

Ask him to speak to the decision made in 2020 to funnel billions in government funding into the pockets of vaccine manufacturers to produce (at "warp speed") an experimental "vaccine" for a virus with a fatality rate of less than half of one percent.

Ask him why he reached out to RFK, Jr. in early 2017 to head up a vaccine safety commission and then backed away from the endeavor. Imagine how much differently 2020 could have gone if Trump had gone through with the plan to have Kennedy lead a vaccine safety commission.  

Ask him to explain what led him to put on a mask (which was never anything more than a social control measure) and call it the "patriotic" thing to do.

Ask him why, after claiming that the boosters were nothing more than a "moneymaking operation," he later got boosted himself.

Ask him why, after so rightly warning Americans of the dangers of the fake news of the mainstream media, he hasn’t uttered a peep about--and has even encouraged--the dangerous QAnon propaganda that has deceived many conservatives into believing for the past 2+ years that he is "in charge" and has some sort of a plan that they should trust. (And if you are one who believes that there IS a plan, then ask yourself what form of government it is that you are cheering on.)

Ask him why he chose not to pardon Julian Assange.

These are all fair questions to ask. Many conservative media outlets have been giving Trump a pass and have failed to ask the questions I have posed here. In 2020, the Trump campaign claimed that Americans deserved to see the candidates on stage and in person for a side by side comparison. We still deserve that.

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