I believe that one of the greatest reasons our nation is suffering as it has been is because we have turned away from God. Even as we cry out for the abolishment of our two-tiered system of justice, we foolishly behave in ways that ensure that such a system will NEVER end, for we don't even see the hypocrisy of adhering to our own self-imposed two-tiered system of never holding to account those on "our side" of the aisle and only calling for accountability from "the other side."

So many behave as if it is their belief that we are somehow entitled to God's protection. We aren't. If we want God in our lives and in our nation we have to seek it and ask for it. God also grants us the free will to choose NOT to do that. We cannot be a nation under God without accountability, and EVERY candidate in the race should be vetted thoroughly and fairly for the job. But a rejection of accountability is a rejection of God, and Trump has proven himself to be a man who, though quick to point the finger of blame at others, is unwilling to allow himself to stand and be answerable for his actions. He has refused to show up to even compete for our votes at the debates. 

The lack of accountability and the rejection of God doesn't just come from Trump. There are many supporters of Trump who are also willing to assist him by making excuses for why Trump should not have to be held to account and explain to us why it is that he made many of the questionable (and costly) decisions that he did in 2020. Many cry out to our government for answers and accountability regarding the COVID shots to which millions of deaths are reportedly being attributed; and yet many of those very same people will make excuses for why it is that they believe Trump should not have to provide us with answers and accountability regarding the shots that HE HIMSELF has claimed many times in the past were "safe and effective" and would not exist if not for him. 

Those who are sincere about healing the soul of our nation and turning it back to God will abandon their part in the tremendous lack of honesty that is permeating our nation and which people on every side of the aisle are taking part. Kennedy is giving us an opportunity to declare our independence from the Uni-Party system that not only imposes it's own two-tiered system of justice in our government, but which also encourages US to abandon truth and fairness—and God. I'll say it again, the problem to which I am pointing doesn't just have to do with Trump. He is simply the best example to give to demonstrate the problem, for he is the only candidate in the Republican primary who is avoiding debate. And he is also the candidate who, with regard to the COVID shots that NO ONE is speaking honestly about (why is there no discussion of the virus and the vaccines at the debates?), is being held to a much different standard of honesty and accountability by those who support him. 

Focusing on Trump with regard to these concerns is in no way a display of hatred toward him. It is a display of good judgment and a pursuit of the truth for us to thoroughly vet ALL of the candidates, and we should be doing so in an HONEST way and not with the smears and the personal attacks that Trump often displays and that so many encourage, cheer, and mimic. I don't see Mr. Kennedy behaving in such a way, and I don't often see the other Republican candidates doing it either (except perhaps on occasion in retaliation to ad hominem attacks from Trump). So THAT is why I focus on Trump. He is the frontrunner in the Republican race, and as such, he is the Republican who is (at present, at least) the most likely to be presented to the people as the person whom they will be asked to trust to preside over our nation. I believe that if we were more responsible stewards of our nation, we would do as caring parents do for their children and call for accountability and answers from him which would provide to us assurances that the path that he would take our country down, if he were to be given another chance, is one that is rooted in truth and a turning of our nation back toward God. We should be calling for that kind of accountability from ALL of the candidates. Trump should be given no exceptions.

We need to be more honest. As a supporter of Mr. Kennedy, I will make no exceptions for him to be answerable to us as well. But the hypocrisy that is fueled by allegiance and loyalty to a two-party system of enslavement is a bending of the knee to the very machine that--in all times other than an election cycle--we recognize as the great EVIL that it is. We need to be more honest—to put faith over fear and—even if we think that doing the right thing is an unachievable task. Nothing is unachievable when we seek God’s help. But if we are honest, then we have to acknowledge that, as a nation, we haven’t been doing that.

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