The Politico article linked below, about what an uphill climb it will be for Kennedy to get on the ballot, is a great summary of exactly why I support his candidacy.

 Look at what this article says is the greatest obstacle that Mr. Kennedy must overcome in order to become an option for voters on the ballot:

"One of the biggest barriers are potential legal challenges from either major party, which are nervous that Kennedy could hurt their candidate. In multiple states, there are processes to challenge signatures after they’ve been submitted to election offices."

Those who know the history of my active involvement in politics know that it first began in November 2020 as I was spurred to action over concerns about corruption of our election process. Supporting Kennedy's right to present himself as an option to the voters--so that the voters themselves can decide if he is worthy--is the best way we have to stand up for election integrity. 

Go back and read again what the greatest obstacle to Kennedy's candidacy will be--lawsuits from "nervous" Republicans and Democrats who fear that if Kennedy were allowed to be presented to you on the ballot as an option, Americans just might prefer him.

But the Republican and Democratic Parties don't want YOU, the voters, to have that choice. They want to decide for you who is worthy of ballot access. As this article states, collecting the signatures is the easy part. So even if "we the people" send the message that Kennedy should have a right to have his name on the ballot, the warning here is that both major parties will look into every nook and cranny to try to find a legal avenue to suppress the voices of "we the people" and to prevent Kennedy from being presented to the voters as an option. 

You cannot, in sincerity, support election integrity and yet also continue to support either of the two major parties who seek to suppress the voice of the people and voter choice. Will it be the fate of our nation to crumble due to our own failure to recognize help and a way out of trouble when it is presented to us? Only in a rigged system are there guaranteed "wins," but actual losses are guaranteed to us if we continue to allow our election process to continue in such a way that blatantly and condescendingly excludes us and makes a mockery of the idea that the outcome of elections should reflect the will of the people. The best hope we have going forward would be for us to break free from the tribal party political structures that keep Republicans and Democrats at each others throats. The way forward which offers us the greatest chance of success is to unite together and support that which offers the most promise to disrupt the dysfunctional government structure that keeps us all enslaved to it with demands of party loyalty. Kennedy's candidacy as an Independent offers us the opportunity to declare independence from a government duopoly that views voters from every party as its subjects. 

This isn't about Kennedy. And, quite honestly, I think that Kennedy himself would agree with that. It's about a moment in time that offers us a test to determine whether or not we are sincere in our claims of what it is that we say that we want. If we truly want election integrity, then we would be wise to support an Independent candidate, because to do so offers us a way to weaken, expose, and resist the corrupt governmental structure that is behind so much of the manipulation that takes place in our elections. Election integrity isn't just about fraud that occurs at the ballot box. If we are honest and truly want to restore election integrity as the voice of the people, then we have to be truthful about the corruption of our elections that occurs when political parties seek to silence our voices and limit our choices with legal challenges that run counter to the expressed will of the people. Voting for an Independent is a way of refusing to comply with the corrupt two-party system that our government relies upon to keep us ALL under its thumb by conditioning us to believe that the only way to win is to remain loyal to (and enslaved by) a tyrannical duopoly. I view Kennedy's run as an Independent candidate as our last opportunity to move the needle away from its firm position which has been stuck on uniparty politics (absent the involvement of the people) for far too long.

THAT is what I support.

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