Have you seen this quote from one of Trump's attorneys speaking about the gag order drama?

“Listen, he’s protected by Secret Service, No. 1. No. 2, he did nothing wrong,” Ms. Habba told Newsmax. “So, when people go to jail it’s because they’ve done something wrong. Do we have crooked situations in and out of court? Absolutely. Could they try? Probably. But it won’t work because there is still trial process. There is still facts, and unfortunately they’re not going to win on the facts.”

Ms. Habba said the prosecutions are "all political" and that President Trump hasn't committed any criminal acts or civil wrongs. "I'm not worried about him, he's not worried, and the American public shouldn't be worried."


I have written several times before that I think we should not rule out that all of these "witch hunts" against Trump are nothing more than political theater with a script being written by those who seek to control where we focus our attention. Those who are scripting this drama aren't stupid. The minions to whom roles and scripts are assigned may be stupid, but I've always had a hunch that these "witch hunts" were precisely for the purpose of pushing Trump to the forefront to become the Republican nominee.

Is that really what is going on? I couldn’t say for sure, but in the set of emails from the Wikileaks drop that were called the "Podesta emails," there are communications from people discussing the field of Republican nominees running in the 2016 election. The Democrats were talking about how they try to manipulate things to push to the forefront the candidate they want to run against. The irony is that when they were talking about it back then, it was ALSO then Trump that they were pushing to the forefront.

Back then, the Democrats were using all of their pull with mainstream media to ensure that Trump was getting all kinds of airtime that the other Republican candidates were not. The Democrats were mostly nice and chummy with him when they were offering him that air time. It wasn't until after Trump became the nominee that he began to get sidelined by the media.

Most people who have looked at those emails and the tactics being used believe that the Democrats never knew how popular Trump would become and that he actually could win. In retrospect, it's hard for me now not to wonder if the Democrats (many of whom Trump had been friends with for years) weren't pushing him back then for the same reason that they are (I believe) pushing people toward him now--which I think may be because they know that (despite all the tough talk) he has never really posed any threat to them. I don't know why he has always been so soft when it comes to actually living up to his words of draining the swamp. But I think that whatever it is, the bad actors in our government smell it all over him and knows he isn't going to ever hold any of them to account.

I don't know if Trump is in on it, or if he's just the biggest useful idiot that there ever was, but I don't for one second think that those who are scripting this theater are stupid and don’t know that all of this drama only elevates Trump's political position. I think it's exactly what they want. And it's also why I agree with Trump's lawyer when she says in that same article that Trump isn't worried about any of this. I'll bet he's not. I've written about that before, too. Where his lawyer has gotten it wrong is in her assumption that innocent people don't get locked up--and that, if they do, they receive a fair trial. Americans who have been paying attention know better. The truth is that if "they" (and I never pretend to know who "they" are, exactly--only that "they" are real) wanted to lock Trump up and truly saw him as a threat, he'd be in jail already--right along with all of the J6ers.

I think Trump’s lawyer is absolutely correct when she says that Trump fears no follow-through from the legal “threats” that he faces. It seems to me that what we are watching is the same Republican vs Democrat political soap opera that has been playing out for years, the only difference now being that we have reached the point at which the producers of this drama (which includes both Democrats and Republicans) have decided to “jump the shark.” Actually, we might have already passed that point and have arrived at the point of seeking out even greater extremes to keep the attention of the masses focused on what might happen next. So many believers in the QAnon propaganda have been led to believe that “enjoy the show” was a phrase referencing something which they should eagerly await to happen and which had not yet occurred. I believe that “the show” has been playing out all along—and that, unfortunately, many–despite perfect performances—do not understand that they are fulfilling the roles which have been assigned to them.

The truth is that there are many things about which we can only speculate. These are just some of my speculations. I think they are every bit as valid (and perhaps more supported by facts) than the many propaganda narratives that so many have come to put their faith in. I will end by sharing with you something that I heard J6 political prisoner Jeremy Brown say last week:

“If Trump really wanted to bring the system down, like he always claims that he does, then he wouldn’t be a Republican. Right? I mean, if he really wanted to disrupt this political system, he would choose Kennedy and they would run as Independents, and then totally throw the establishment into complete chaos.”

I’ve already written elsewhere about why it is that so many prominent voices surrounding Trump have sought in the past (when Kennedy was still running as a Democrat) a Trump/Kennedy alliance. I’ve also written about how Kennedy has shown the good sense to avoid such an alliance that would only serve to benefit Trump, for Kennedy has said that “under no circumstances” would he run on a ticket with Trump. But what 20 year US Army Special Forces Master Sergeant Jeremy Brown says still hits the mark. What Brown says that Trump SHOULD be doing is EXACTLY what Kennedy IS doing. Kennedy’s candidacy offers us an opportunity—almost certainly the last one we will get—to “totally throw the establishment into complete chaos.” That is what we need, if we are to have a fighting chance of flipping the script on those on both sides of the aisle in our government who seek to continue to cast us as loyal subjects to political parties. And that is why I support Kennedy’s candidacy. 

Now, having said all of that, I invite you to go back and look at the things that Trump's attorney, Ms. Habba, cited in assuring the American public that Trump was safe and in no danger. She said that Trump isn't worried and that he shouldn't be because she expresses faith that our trial process still works and that facts are what win the day in our American courtrooms. She assured people of Trump's safety by pointing to the Secret Service protection that he has--a protection which Mr. Kennedy has been denied. I have said before that I don't believe we should ever elect anyone to the highest office in our nation who isn't willing to give his or her life in the protection of it. I believe that Kennedy has displayed more courage and fight to stand up to the establishment than any other presidential candidate.

Anyone who is still focused on “winning” elections in a system that so many already acknowledged as rigged is NOT seeing the big picture. This isn’t about “winning” an election. It’s about our survival as a nation.

Wake up.

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