I didn't write about it on this website, but I recently shined a light (in a Facebook post) on a Facebook group run by admins for Freedom Rally USA/Outlaw Streamers. I've repeatedly had the posts I submit to that group get deleted by the admins. What I have tried to share there and in other places is the information which I share here on the Voices of Nebraska website. It is information which I believe people deserve to know. Then, they can make up their own minds as to what they think of it. 

Being a squeaky wheel does pay off. (And thank you to any of you who help to amplify my "squeaks.") This particular post was finally approved this morning by a Freedom Rally USA/Outlaw Streamers admin on Facebook. I could show you evidence of many, many others which they deleted and never approved, but I am very glad that the information in this one got out there. Still, it is difficult for me to muster up a "thank you" for it, when I know how many times I have tried to get other information out there which was suppressed. It is a shame, because I believe that people deserve to have an accurate picture of what is truly going on within the Republican Party in our state.

But I think one of the reasons that people do not know the truth about what goes on in our state is that we don't have any good conservative news outlets. There are a few that will tell you what THEY want you to hear, but when the news becomes something that they do not wish for you to know, then they suppress it. I've been called all sorts of names and have been excluded from "the club" (i.e., the swamp) because I have called for conservatives to lead the way toward transparency. I just so happen to believe that our elected officials really should put the people's interests above their own. I have learned how naïve I have been to think that such a thing was possible. I also happen to believe that media outlets which purport to be delivering to you conservative "news" should be more upfront about what they really are. Most are merely entertainment outlets and not news. Essentially, they are political tabloids--and often with a paywall. But there is no reporting going on anymore. Just as with our politicians, the "news" is motivated by what is deemed most profitable to THEM. The beating heart of a public servant is a hard thing to find these days. 

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