I am calling upon Charles Herbster to please consider filing to run as a write-in for Secretary of State. Evnen should never be allowed to run unopposed for that position in the general election. Herbster has the name recognition, the money, and the backing of Trump. If anyone could succeed in a write-in campaign, Herbster could do it. And he would be doing Nebraskans a favor to rid us of Secretary of State Evnen, who has taken our election process hostage. Our elections will never be secure with Evnen being the one providing oversight of them.

At the very least, SOMEONE should run as a write-in against Evnen. I am proposing Herbster for the job because I believe he could succeed at it. And he would be doing Nebraskans a favor if he took on Evnen in this way, because the write-in votes cannot be read by machines, so having a write-in candidate would ensure that more eyeballs were involved in the counting of the votes.

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