In part of this audio, you'll hear Senator Slama scold me for using "the F word." If Senator Slama were as interested in policing our elections as she is in policing my use of "the F word," our elections would be secured in no time!

I will never permit someone to label me as something which I am not. Senator Slama is very much suggesting, and in some instances directly stating--things about me which are NOT true. In the audio of the meeting that I had with her yesterday, I reminded her that she has accused me in the past of "trying to overthrow the government." What she has said about me is unreal. And FALSE. She said that what I was describing to her --when I was asking her to uphold and protect our Constitutional rights-- "qualifies as" an attempt to overthrow the government! This is not a statement from my senator that I take lightly, particularly given the many injustices that are taking place against patriots in our country right now at the hands of our own government.

I would note that Senator Slama can be heard in the audio of the meeting asking me why I did not speak up (about my concerns about the changes to how "voting system" is defined)  when I gave public comment on LB 843 at the capitol earlier in the year. The reason that I am pointing to this now is because this is yet another example of gamesmanship that our politicians play. Slama appears to be mistaken on her dates in several of the instances to which she points in order to suggest that the timeline of things mattered in absolving her of her responsibility to represent the concerns of her constituents. She asked me why I did not speak up sooner, and the answer is that I did not because I had no knowledge yet of Flood's proposed amendment until after the legislative session was over. I don't even think that Senator Flood's amendment had been proposed yet at the time of the hearings where Slama suggests I should have spoken up about my concerns. 

The better questions to ask, I think, is why it is that Senator Slama has taken no action against me if she--as she claims--believes that I pose a threat to our government. Is she not be derelict in her duties to ignore such a thing, if she TRULY believes it to be so? What she has claimed about me trying to "overthrow the government" is no small thing, and words such as that from our government should never be directed toward us unless they are true. What Senator Slama accuses me of is NOT true, and I think that if she truly believed that it was, she would have a duty to follow through and report me. Again, I do not fear such allegations because I know that they are false. Senator Slama knows it too. This is an example of how some in our government will use the power of the positions that they hold in order to intimidate others. I will not be cowed into silence. 

Also, I don't mention it in my video commentary, but in the audio of the meeting (during a portion which is difficult to hear), she actually makes a reference to an incident which never took place as she describes. She claims that, at the Nemaha County GOP Convention, I was two inches from her face and she alludes to my use of "the F word" as if I were cursing directly at her (as in, F-you, or something). Anyone who has followed the videos that I have posted in the past knows very well that I shared (long ago) all about the incident that took place on the day that she is referencing. It was not an insignificant event to me, because it was the moment when my own senator claimed that I was trying to "overthrow the government!"

Was I "two inches" from her face. No. Absolutely not. Just as Senator Slama claimed that Charles Herbster touched her at a crowded event, she is now claiming untrue things to suggest that I engaged with her inappropriately during a conversation that she and I had which took place in a room full of people at my county GOP convention.

The audio of that event was recorded in its entirety and I have shared it in the past--with no shame or hesitation whatsoever. The truth is that I *WANT* people to know that Senator Slama believes that patriots are dangerous. I *WANT* people to see that her concerns are to protect her peers in the government instead of to provide representation to her constituents and to protect our rights. What actually happened is that AFTER Senator Slama had just claimed that I was trying to "overthrow the government," I told her that I was only trying to appeal to her as my senator for representation and that she was essentially telling me to "fuck off." I can assure you that I was far more offended by her having just accused me of trying to overthrow the government than she was by my use of "the F word."

I will post the link below that includes the audio of that exchange and people may decide for themselves which of the two of us, Senator Slama or I, poses the greatest threat to our government.

Those are but a few of the reasons that I now believe that her allegations against Charles Herbster were made up. (I cover more of the reasons in the video.) I was always skeptical of her claims given the timing of when they came out, but up until recently, I had been willing to presume that there might have been an inkling of truth to what she had said. Maybe Herbster had flirted with her or something, I thought. But I never believed that he touched her in such a way that traumatized her as she claimed. Never. And Governor Ricketts' call for Herbster to "seek treatment," combined with calls from all of the women in the Unicameral for Herbster to drop out of the race (because they all had publicly declared him guilty) certainly seemed to point to all of this being nothing more than a political witch hunt (with a heaping dose of an abuse of governmental authority behind it).

I have always been appalled that many of our elected officials abused their governmental authority by claiming Herbster guilty rather than presuming him innocent. What irony there was that Governor Ricketts claimed Herbster unfit to lead when Ricketts himself was abusing the authority of his elected position to charge ahead with public proclamations of guilt against a man who never was given the presumption of innocence as our laws require. (And Pillen's tacit consent to such an abuse of governmental authority is one of the main reasons I will never vote for him to be our governor.) Until recently, I did believe that there was always the possibility that the allegations against Herbster might have held some truth to them. The evidence of what I have seen and personally experienced myself suggests to me that Senator Slama is no longer deserving of any benefit of the doubt. Today, I do believe that Herbster is 100% innocent of the things which Senator Slama has claimed about him. Will we ever know for sure? Perhaps not. But I am speaking today to the things which I *do* know, and that is that Senator Slama is a person who I know for a fact cannot be trusted to give an accurate account of things or honest answers when she is asked.

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