So I'm still wondering why write-in vote totals are not being reported at all in the governor's race when there were two registered write-in candidates. What's the holdup on reporting the write-in vote count? The write-in votes DO have to be reported (even as an aggregate total). 

It appears that the number of total votes has increased for the candidates shown since I last asked about the write-in votes not being reported, so why aren't the write-in vote totals being added as they are known as well--even if only as a lump sum total of votes cast for both eligible write-in candidates? Anyone know? 

This reporting from the Sec of State website is very misleading to suggest that this is the total vote count. I have included a response I received from someone who contacted SoS Evnen to ask about write-in votes in the SoS race. Evnen is correct that there is no requirement to report write-in votes in races for which there is no registered write-in candidate. But his paraphrasing of the statute which addresses how write-in votes are counted is not quite right. The total count of write-in votes in a race where there are registered write-in candidates is required to be reported--at the very least as an aggregate total.

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