In this video, I discuss the numbered points below. As I have said from the time that I first became actively involved in politics, the answers are only going to be found in us.

I suggest some steps which we could take, and I offer to be a coordinator of visits to elected officials, but what would be even better is if others took this mission up for themselves and organized their own efforts to keep our elected officials accountable. The key to true "winning" for the people is going to be found in accountability--self-accountability and accountability from our elected officials.

I will offer some specific ideas which I have for things we should be doing, but nothing about what I am proposing is "mine." These ideas are meant to be shared, expanded upon, and debated by others. I hope that people will also be thinking of other ways that we can hold our elected officials accountable as well.

THAT is how we work in unison, even when we are engaged in different efforts. But it has to all be rooted in accountability--again, from our elected officials AND from ourselves in doing our part in the protection of our own freedom. Without that, nothing is going to change.

The watchfulness of the citizen is the salvation of the state

1. Abandon all use of the phrase “Silent Majority.”

2. Stop staying silent when you know you should speak out.

3. Stop accepting excuses from your elected officials (and from yourself).

4. Commit to one face-to-face engagement with an elected official. (Even better, find a friend or two to go with you.)

5. Stop believing that lawfare in a two-tiered justice system is going to make things right.

6. Stop outsourcing the protection of your freedom to Trump or anyone else. The responsibility for the protection of your freedom is your own.

Below is my post-election commentary and some additional commentary on why it is that I think we are not "winning." 

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