Trump thinks we are all stupid. And so many people will fall for his excuses that he is probably right. Citing Comey as an instance of him having upheld his promise to "drain the swamp" is a joke. Trump claims that he couldn't have known who all the bad actors in our government were because he hadn't spent much time in D.C.  Well, let me tell you what. I've only ever been to D.C. once in my life, and I knew (as did many others across our nation) that Comey was someone who NEVER should have been trusted to have stayed on as FBI Director under Trump. Trump really does think we are stupid to claim that his firing of Comey was any instance of him having "drained the swamp." It wasn't. Trump could--and SHOULD--have begun his presidency with someone else as FBI Director. His foolish decision to have kept Comey in that position allowed Comey to do a hell of a lot of damage in a short amount of time. A strong argument is to be made that if Trump had heeded that warning in the "Snake" poem that he liked to so often recite, he would have seen Comey (who had just let Hillary off the hook with barely a slap on the wrist) for the snake that he was. Keeping Comey on as FBI Director is what led to Comey's memos which he manufactured and leaked to the press through his friend with the intended purpose of ensuring a special counsel would investigate Trump's alleged collusion with Russia. Mueller....? Mueller....? The sad truth is that Trump is his own worst enemy, and he has proven not to be an effective wall between "us" and "them." 

And if you didn't laugh out loud when Trump claimed in that interview with Bartiromo that COMEY didn't go after Hillary, well, then, you just haven't been paying attention. Explain how any of what Trump says in this interview is supposed to recommend him as any sort of leader whose judgment we should trust. He criticizes Comey for doing exactly the same thing that Trump himself did when he CHOSE not to investigate Hillary Clinton as he promised he would do. He didn't lock her up. He let her go. And he did it with the explanation that poor Hillary had "been through a lot" and that he just "didn't feel strongly" about holding her to account. As if his "feelings" should have had a damn thing to do with whether or not justice should be pursued. And now Trump calls her "Beautiful Hillary." Does that sound like a man who has it in him to hold the Clinton crime family to account? (Remember CGI? It was a family affair. And we knew way back then that the Clintion crime family was in it every bit as deep as we see that the Bidens are now.) 

So, for those who have not forgotten history, Trump's explanations of his failures only highlight his weaknesses as a candidate. His own defense of himself shines a spotlight on the fact that Trump has a long history of trusting all of the wrong people, and it is disingenuous for him to claim that he simply didn't know that those people couldn't be trusted. Trump could have easily chosen someone else to head up the FBI when he entered office, but instead he chose to keep in the position the very man who had just let Hillary Clinton (and quite a few others, in fact) off the hook. It didn't require a D.C. residency to know that Comey was a man who could not be trusted. And so it falls flat to hear Trump tout Comey's firing as an example of him upholding his promise to us to "drain the swamp." Trump could have averted a lot of trouble for himself and our nation if he had begun his presidency by NOT rewarding a known snake with a continued position as FBI Director, and he also should have held to his promise to hold Hillary to account. How can Trump criticize Comey for failing to hold Hillary to account, when Trump himself is guilty of the same? 

The only people who will view this interview from Trump and who will accept his excuses are those who have forgotten or who never knew the facts of history. Unfortunately, I fear that the majority of people likely don't know the history. Trump fails to hold himself to account for having kept Comey on as FBI Director in the first place. He does not hold himself to account for failing to uphold his promise to hold Hillary Clinton to account. Trump complains in his interview with Bartiromo about Strzok and Page, but if you will recall (feel free to look it up), Trump once claimed that the "insurance policy" that those two "lovebirds" spoke of was the Mueller probe--which, again, was kicked off as a result of Trump's bad decision to keep Comey on as FBI Director. And I won't even get into the details of how Trump and our entire nation might have been far better off if he had upheld his end of the bargain he made with the voters and actually held Clinton to account, for the dossier which she paid for was featured front and center in much of the "Russia!" bullshit that our nation was forced to endure. But, no, he gave Hillary a pass. The Clinton Global Initiative shut down and laid low for a while, but they are up and running again. Hillary is now referred to by Trump as "Beautiful Hillary," and Trump speaks more kindly about the Clintons that he does about DeSantis. 

The excuses that Trump makes for himself in his interview with Bartiromo indicate that he is a man who doesn't even know the meaning of accountability. I would not be surprised one bit if the Deep State were to allow Trump to "win" in 2024. I think people should prepare to once more be sucker-Trumped by a man who claims he is the wall between "us" and 'them," even as he hides his failures behind his excuses--and the excuses that we make for him as well--for why it is that HE should never be held to account for the bad judgments he has made.

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