We have become a demoralized nation. I believe that the support and endorsements that we see now for Trump--despite the fact that Trump has not upheld past promises to drain the swamp and despite the fact that Trump continues to lie to us regarding the virus and the vaccines--are evidence that a pursuit of the truth has become secondary to a pursuit of narratives which bring us hope (even false hope) and comfort. 

In this video, I focus on what Trump continues to tell us about the plandemic response of 2020 as evidence of the ease with which so many have been (and are being) deceived by Trump. The problem of accepting Trump's lies, though, extends even beyond his role in the plandemic response. I think we would also be fools to believe that Trump would, if reelected, actually ever hold people to account. His history indicates very strongly that he would not, for Trump HAS had the opportunity on multiple occasions to take measures to try to hold people to account, and instead of holding people to account--as he promised he would--he instead chose to let them off the hook. The man who used to promise that he would hold "Crooked Hillary" to account now refers to her as "Beautiful Hillary." He also spoke kindly of the Clintons (including Bill) in a relatively recent interview that he did with Mark Levin. Trump does not speak as if he has it in him to hold the bad actors in our nation to account. 

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An honest assessment of the lies which Trump continues to tell us with regard to the virus and the vaccines, combined with the fact that there is truly no evidence whatsoever which would indicate that Trump would ever truly hold the bad actors in our government to account, should lead any person who still has the capacity for critical thought to at least arrive at the conclusion that there are some questions that Trump should have to answer that have not yet been asked.  

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