Ask yourself this--why haven't they locked Trump up already? They've already locked up many Americans unjustly, so we know that following the rule of law doesn't have a damn thing to do with any of it. So why haven't they gone ahead and done it yet? Why is it that many Americans sit wrongly accused in jails and prison cells while the theater involving witch hunts against Trump unceasingly continues?

The Constitutional Republic that we once had is one we did not keep. Until people wake up to that truth and realize that our government is no longer one that is of, by, and for the people, then we will continue to live by the lie that we still hold the power to elect our representatives in government and that we have three functioning branches of government to keep the whole system in check.

We really aren't trying to fight for our country in meaningful ways. To do so peacefully would require Republicans to hold to account the Republicans who are not representing us and who surrendered our country to usurpers.

It was not without a war that we won our independence, and it will not be without a fight (a real fight--not the crap shoot of lawsuits filled under a two-tiered system), that we can ever restore what we have SURRENDERED. We have given it up without any meaningful fight.

People fail to see how submissive we have become. We have been conditioned by power-hungry politicians on both sides of the aisle to stay locked into the blood sport of tribal party politics. That's why I think you shouldn't rule out that they just might let Trump "win." He is a useful tool of distraction that helps to keep us enslaved by our allegiance to whichever political plantation it is that we fear to stray from--Republican or Democrat. I promise you that such thinking is not how you "Make America Great Again," for such us a mindset is actually far removed from the understanding that the America that conservatives hope to restore is one that is of, by, and for the people.

John Adams said that, "Liberty, once lost, is lost forever." I wouldn't say that it is lost forever, but I do believe that the constitutional republic that we once held in our grasp is something that we have foolishly let go of, having taken it for granted and assuming that it would always exist absent our effort. And what we have allowed them to take they will not give back to us without a fight. We have outsourced the protection of our freedom to a uniparty government that we have allowed to enslave us.

It is to "live by lies" for us to continue to speak of elections that could deliver a legitimate winner and of a constitutional republic as if those things still exist in our country. Until we stop living by such lies, we will continue to be slaves to tyrants.

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