Flashback to comments from Steve Bannon on November 5, 2020. "Fortune favors boldness," says Bannon. But was Trump bold? He certainly didn't follow the advice given by Bannon in this interview. (If he had, Wray and Fauci would have been sent packing.) And what does it say of how conservatives are positioned heading into the 2024 election when Bannon was so sure in November 2020 that conservatives held "the high ground on every mode of victory" and couldn't lose. Bannon expressed faith in the lawsuits to deliver. Have they? Our elections have still not yet been secured and faith in them has not been restored. So are lawsuits still the plan when things inevitably go awry once more in 2024? 



"Fortune favors boldness."

"We've got to stop playing games."

"President Trump won an overwhelming victory. He should start acting right now in his second term. He should fire the FBI Director (Wray). He should put in process the implement to fire Fauci."

"Fortune favors boldness and the President should start acting bold." 

"Let me give you a fact. Donald Trump won on November 3rd, and Donald Trump is going to be inaugurated on the 20th of January 2021, and the Democrats are just gonna have to live with that. I don't care how much whining they are gonna have, how big a temper tantrum...."

"The President [Trump] has a moral obligation to implement the will of the people who voted on November 3rd."

"Donald Trump is the President of the United States and will remain the President of the United States."


"So you think these lawsuits are gonna be successful? You think that these lawsuits will identify fraud and expose it?"


"Absolutely. They will expose how they tried to steal this, how these are uncertifiable, how they have no chain of custody..."

"We have the high ground on every mode of victory."

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