This is exactly what is wrong with our government. This is NOT a solution to "mail out voting." Instead of eliminating bad programs and practices, the "solution" of government is to throw more money at the problems which they themselves have created.

And then they turn around and boast about the "essential public services" that they are providing to you "for free." 

For free. Of course. They never want to remind you that the money that our government is spending on all that cool "free stuff"--which is taken from us without a vote and without any consent--is borrowed from future generations. It is a debt that will be paid, one way or another. 

Do not be fooled. This is NOT a solution to securing our elections. "Mail out voting" needs to go. I call it that because it includes mass mail-outs of unsolicited ballots, with multiple ballots often being sent to the same address. It is the deliberate disorganization of organized crime committed by crooks in our government. Calling it "mail in voting" has always been a way to confuse a newer practice (though it was going on in some parts of our country even prior to COVID) of mailing out unsolicited ballots with the "mail in voting" that has long been available to those who request ballots be sent to them. 

Side note--I tried to post this on Facebook and it was taken down even as I was composing it. As of late, my posts regarding election integrity have been removed within seconds of posting, but this is the first time that I've had one pulled even before I posted it! They are obviously scanning for trigger words to be able to take them down with such speed. This has been gradually getting worse as the general elections draw nearer.

Election integrity really should be everyone's number one concern. This is the topic that Big Tech (the very same ones who are colluding with Big Government to control our elections) that has been censored more aggressively than any other. That is because we are over the target when we try to shine a light on the importance of what election integrity means to whether or not we have a chance of taking back our country. (It was indeed, usurped and we are not presently free people under a system that denies us a secure election process.) 

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