It's alarming how many people have fallen victim to a complete rewriting of history. It was actually widely reported in December 2020--before the roll out of the vaccines to the masses--that they didn't know how the vaccine worked. Pfizer CEO SAID SO in this article from December 5, 2020.

That news was widely reported at the time (in December 2020)--at least enough for me and many others to have easily found it (without even hunting for it!). So if the average person like me could so easily find this information back in 2020, then WHY COULDN'T TRUMP? As Trump was the president who ensured that the vaccine manufacturers received the necessary funding for the vaccines to be mass produced and distributed, Trump either knowingly allowed Americans to become test subjects OR he was completely negligent on the job and wasn't doing his due diligence regarding such a life and death matter.

Regardless of whether it was due to negligence or malicious intent, Trump should still have to explain to Americans why it is that he should be trusted to once more preside over our nation. The real problem, though, isn't Trump. It's that we live in a nation in which the vast majority of people are participating in a mass formation psychosis that doesn't even allow them to see why it is that they should be questioning Trump's judgment. And that mass formation psychosis runs deep. It isn't just those on the left who aren't seeing the truth. The greatest side effect of COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines might be blindness to the truth, for even conservative media outlets and conservative representatives in government have been afflicted by it.

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