I refer to Jeremy Brown in this video. If you are not familiar with who he is, you should be. He is a good and courageous man who has been wronged by our government. Unfortunately, he is but one of many patriots who has been made a target of our government. Whether you choose to donate or not, you can learn more about him at the GiveSendGo website that has been set up to assist him with his legal defense. If history books of the future are written by the good guys (and that all remains to be seen), then Jeremy Brown will be remembered as the hero that he is. But whether or not the "good guys" win depends largely on US.


In addition to donating to the Jeremy Brown Legal Defense on GiveSendGo (if you wish to or are able), the following steps are ones which require no more than the courage of your convictions to act.

1) Stop adhering to the two-tiered systems of justice that exist beyond those in our government. Accept the truth of things, even when it may be something you don't want to hear coming from those whom you perceive to be on your "side of the aisle" or on your "team." This means breaking away from tribal politics that expect your loyalty.  

2) Embrace the friction of ideas. The Bible says that as iron sharpens iron, so do we sharpen one another. But when we run from the friction (and where there is friction, there will be a bit of heat), then we remain dull. But it is by embracing the friction that we become sharp and that is where the truth is to be found.

3) Know your red line. I mean REALLY know it. Don't think that you know it. KNOW that you know exactly what your line of demarcation is between action and inaction. And then hold the line.

Do not underestimate the changes that can result when enough of us embrace such simple actions as these. 

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