The year 2020 was pivotal in our nation. The response (or "cure," if you will) that was given to COVID-19--not only in our nation, but worldwide--was FAR worse than the threat of the virus ever was. I believe it is fair to argue that the clearing of the path for such a massive decline has been years in the making. But the fact is that it was on Trump's watch in 2020 that decisions were made to pull the trigger on some weapons which were aimed at us with the intent of destroying us. 

There is a tremendous disconnect between the narratives which blanket our nation. On the one hand, most Trump supporters would read an article like the one below and be in complete agreement with the ideas expressed in it. Many Trump supporters might even share such an article on social media or leave a comment beneath it expressing their disgust and anger with Fauci, Biden, the CDC, or the WHO--all of whom are often claimed to be threats to us. (And they are.) But the rub is that the other prevailing narrative (among conservatives) is that Trump is our only hope in fighting back against those threats.

I've asked the question many times, but it still goes unanswered. How is it that Trump supporters appear to have gone completely blind to the fact that when Fauci, the CDC, the WHO (and any others involved) were engaging an overreach of government carried out in 2020 in the name of a "public health crisis", it was all done in coordination with President Trump? It was Trump who held the highest office in our nation at that time. It was Trump who held the power to lead and to guide our nation through such an attack. And it was Trump who failed in his judgment by keeping all of the wrong people as his advisors while those who tried to warn the world of the truth of what was happening were silenced and shunned. You want to credit Trump with having mentioned ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as alternative treatments for COVID-19? Don't. To this day, Trump allows many of his supporters to continue to credit HIM for having mentioned those inexpensive treatment options for COVID-19, but the doctors who were using those drugs to treat their patients were persecuted. Some of them still are. Also, to this day, doctors are at risk of losing their livelihood as medical practitioners if they dare to speak the truth about COVID-19 or the vaccines. 

I would encourage everyone to read the Epoch Times article cited above and to take note of the irony that exists in this kind of reporting, for even as it seeks to expose the cover-up of this "Pharma-Government Nexus," the authors are also, in some ways, participating in the cover-up by only pointing the finger of blame at the Department of Defense. The Department of Defense is part of our Executive Branch of government, and the head of that branch in 2020 was President Trump, who served as the Commander-in-Chief. It is irresponsible to report on the "Pharma-Government Nexus" without making any reference at all to the role that President Trump played in the "warp speed" development of the experimental "vaccines," for even Trump himself has on multiple occasions indicated that it is he (not Biden or Fauci or anyone else) who deserves the credit for them. Whether these authors realize it or not, their reporting, which purports to be uncovering the truth, negligently fails to speak to Trump's role in the "Pharma-Government Nexus" on which they wish to draw our attention. As President of the United States and the leader of our Executive Branch of government, it is not reasonable to pretend that the decisions which were made in response to COVID-19 were done absent Trump's involvement. If those decisions WERE made absent Trump's involvement, then perhaps there is an entirely different expos√© which needs to be written! 

Given that President Trump is seeking once more to preside over our nation, truly unbiased reporting on any "Pharma-Government Nexus" would not fail to note who was at the helm of our Executive Branch during the plandemic. This article raises many good points which we should not ignore, but we are remiss in doing our own due diligence as voters when we permit reporters to (knowingly or not) participate in the continuation of the very cover-up which they claim to be trying to expose. It isn't just these Epoch Times authors who are guilty of it. And that is what is so dangerous. Leading conservatives voices among elected officials, such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, for example, have thrown their support behind Trump as being the strongest candidate to support without ever seeming to have taken into account the fact that Trump will fail to stand up to scrutiny if (and when) he is finally made to speak to his role in the decisions he made in 2020. It is really quite astonishing that he has not yet been made to do so. Nevertheless, that issue hangs over Trump's head as a sword strung up only by a single thread. Prominent and trusted conservative media voices, as well as many well-respected Republican elected officials, who have touted Trump as the strongest candidate are failing to acknowledge this. Trump's strength as a candidate is but an illusion, and when that thread holding the sword that looms over him does finally snap, then I fear that conservatives may be left scrambling to try to understand how something like that could have ever happened. 

Such compartmentalization of thought weakens us. We should be smarter. The shots are still being pushed on children. Doctors across our country are still at risk for speaking the truth about the virus and the shots. Advantages and incentives are still being given to those who submit to the shots and disadvantages and hardships are befalling those who reject the shots. That hasn't ended, and those things are consequences which have arisen due to decisions which were made in 2020 when Trump was president. It is short-sighted to only focus on what the consequences of the vaccines has been since they began to be administered to people. An honest evaluation of how we got to where we are right now must also include how it is that the vaccines were allowed to come into existence in the first place, and "Operation Warp Speed"--the fast-tracking of the development of experimental "vaccines" to address a virus with a fatality rate of less than half of one percent for most people--occurred under President Trump. 

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