Most people in our country have no idea who Jeremy Brown is. What's worse, many of our elected officials likely don't either. But they should. We all should know who he is. He and many others are today's heroes. They are the rare few who demonstrate the courage to stand for what they believe and to never back down from that.

I remember the first time I ever learned who Jeremy Brown is. It was in March 2021 in this interview (link below) that he did with The Gateway Pundit.

I was blown away that he was saying EVERYTHING that I was wanting to hear so many others say, but that no one was saying. I am sharing this clip of his March 2022 interview with Jim Stroud as my way of celebrating Constitution Day.

My website post about Constitution Day can be found here , and it includes short (one-,minute) clips with Brandon Straka and John Strand who are other people whom I regard as heroes as well. All of them--as well as many others--have been persecuted by our government. Please take a moment today to send up a prayer of gratitude for their courage and for them to remain safe.

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