I think it's dangerous for people to keep pinning their hopes on what truly (honest to God) amounts to be nothing more than stories. Until there is actual EVIDENCE that any of the stories are true, then that is all they are. Just stories. A lot of those stories are ones that I hope are true--but the only thing that is certain there is hope. Hope alone is not enough when the EVIDENCE of reality is that we keep getting our asses handed to us by the left. Perhaps the stories are true. But there has been no evidence yet to bear out that what people are saying will happen will ever actually happen. There have been many predictions that simply failed to come true. And from where I sit, it looks like things are only getting worse.

I get that people really, really, really want some of this stuff to be true, but the hope and faith in it happening is keeping many people from taking the actions that I think are going to be necessary for us to be able to hold on to our freedom. People often say that things are going to get worse before they get better, but I think people need to be open to considering the possibility that nothing is going to get better unless we do more than we have been doing. I don't believe that it will.

I hope I'm 100% wrong about everything that I fear we are heading into. But when I look at the EVIDENCE of what is going on in the world, the stories continue to exist as just stories and not anything that has actually delivered anything other than hope. Hope is good to have. But it's not enough to simply hope for a bully to stop kicking your ass. We continue to let ourselves be bullied.

I hope that it is me who is the one who is proven wrong. I would honestly love that, because if I am to believe what I am seeing with my own eyes and hearing with my own ears day in and day out, then we are in a very bad place and I have seen no EVIDENCE that things are actually changing. Knowing that there is wrongdoing isn't enough, and even watching more and more of it come to light by the day isn't enough. None of that knowledge matters if no one is ever held accountable for the wrongdoing. We are going on years and years of there being no accountability. Our system of justice continues to be two-tiered. Until I see actual evidence of THAT changing, then I don't think it really matters how much wrongdoing we unearth. It's the accountability that matters.


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