Today is Constitution Day. It should be a day of celebration--a celebration of the document that was once the Supreme Law of the Land in our country. But instead of being a day of celebration, it feels more to me like an assigned day of remembrance for something that been forgotten.

On this Constitution Day, please take a moment to reflect upon WHY it is that we must celebrate the Constitution. It is "we the people" who authorize it and give it meaning beyond simply being words on a page. Our Constitution not only should be celebrated; it MUST be celebrated. The root word of "authorize" is "author," and it refers to the "bringing about" of something. WE grant that piece of paper it's authority--it's legal validity. When we withdraw from that duty, then the Constitution ceases to exist as anything other than text. The word "celebrate" means to perform, to take action, and to fulfil. We are now suffering the consequences of what it means when a government of the people, by the people, and for the people becomes one which lacks the involvement and attention of the people. When we cease to celebrate it and we cease to authorize it, it ceases to be. Our Constitution must be PERFORMED to be celebrated, and the job of ensuring that it does is OUR responsibility. Our Constitution is very much under threat and has been for some time.

The people whose messages make the most sense to me are the ones whose voices are shut out the most. On this Constitution Day, please say a prayer for people like Brandon Straka, John Strand, and Jeremy Brown. And there are so many others (Simone Gold, for example) who have demonstrated the courage not to budge from their principles. These are people who have been persecuted by our country. OUR country. The United States of America is persecuting and imprisoning patriots for CELEBRATING our Constitution. WE are the ones who have the power to stop this, but it seems that so few any more have the courage and understanding to do it.

We are in a bad place. So many have been dumbed down by our educational institutions and distracted by social media/"reality" TV garbage that there are damn few left who do have the knowledge necessary to save our Constitution. What this means is that those who DO have the knowledge and the understanding CANNOT stay silent.

Probably more than anyone I have ever heard speak, Jeremy Brown says EXACTLY the things that I wish everyone else was saying. I wish that so many more people knew this man's name and his message. 

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