Many reluctantly supported Pillen for governor, claiming that they would rather get a Republican elected and THEN hold him accountable, rather than to have called him to account before the election. There exists now an opportunity to hold Pillen to account.

Governor Ricketts is seeking to be appointed to the senate seat being vacated by Senator Ben Sasse. But is Ricketts any better than Sasse, who has been rebuked by the Nebraska Republican Party?

The new leadership of the NEGOP should prove that they truly are different from those whom they replaced. They should demand that Pillen, whom they gave their full support as a candidate, show loyalty to the people of Nebraska and NOT reward the corruption which Governor Ricketts led in order to assist Pillen in becoming Nebraska's next governor. (And, which, was certainly done to ensure Ricketts' own appointment to Sasse's vacated seat.)

Governor Ricketts engaged in an abuse of the authority of his position as governor. If the NEGOP, who supported Pillen as a candidate, doesn't speak up publicly now and advise him NOT to appoint Ricketts to Sasse's senate seat, then they are supporting that kind of abusive government--and none of us are safe under that kind of rule. 

Will the NEGOP speak up now and hold Pillen to account? Or will Republican leadership sit silent in the face of all of this and allow Pillen to reward the corruption which his friends in elected positions engaged in on his behalf?

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