In this video, I show more reasons for why you should not trust the popular Q/QAnon-type sources that are out there. Why does Trump, who used to call out the "fake news" of the mainstream media, now turn a blind eye to "fake news" sources from Q/QAnon? Those sources can be debunked as easily as the news from mainstream media sources--IF people actually bother to fact check them. Fake news harms us, no matter who is doing it, and Trump should not be promoting fake news himself, simply because he is made the hero of those stories. 

I will say that it is of great concern to me that so many Trump supporters have bought into propaganda narratives that paint Trump as a savior or a "chosen one" or the "anointed one" whose actions must not be questioned. Those who cannot question the actions of those in their government are not free people. I remember when I was a kid in school and was shown pictures of what took place during the Holocaust, I thought, "How could such a thing have ever happened?" Now I know, from watching it happen right in front of me and to people I know, just how easy it is for people to be convinced to justify evil and wrongdoing. It is amazing to me that some, who bring up the Nuremberg trial in their calls for accountability from those who are responsible for the COVID-19 vaccine, insist upon excusing Trump's part in it.

I know some would credit Trump as being the one who exposed the "COVID Cartel," but such a claim defies all reason to me; and such "exposure" certainly cannot be equated to the locating and gathering of film footage of crimes already committed. Such narratives that paint Trump as a hero in all of this depend upon Trump taking part in the wrongdoing in order to produce (not expose) the evidence they claim is needed. Before Trump fast-tracked the development of the COVID-19 vaccines, no one was ever at risk from death, injury, disease, or possible sterility from a COVID vaccine. Sure, he never mandated it, but he also claims that there would be no COVID vaccine at all if not for him. The "badness" of Biden does not mean the "goodness" of Trump. Biden pulled the trigger on the weapon that Trump handed him. To argue that Trump "had no choice" makes about as much sense as saying that Otto Ohlendorf should have met a different fate following the testimony he gave at the Nuremberg trial. He was hanged.

I fear we have become an ethically compromised nation of people who can no longer discern right from wrong. Trump can't fix this. Only a return of our nation back to a trust in God is going to fix this. We live in fear and not in faith, and we put our trust in those who we look to to secure our temporary human comforts. We have abandoned concerns for our souls, it seems. A lot of the Q/QAnon narratives create more of a reliance upon those telling the story than a reliance on God. God is sometimes mentioned by these people, but it never rings true to me as anything other than blasphemy. I believe that God is the Light and the Truth and that God is never obscured from those who ask, seek, and knock. This is why the messages that we are all part of a "scripted movie” never ring true to me. They are messages that are meant to create a dependency upon authors who remain obscured to us, but whose script for us we are told we should accept. We should not look to man for our script, but to God--who gives us the awesome power of choice. That choice--our free will--is the reflection of God’s image in us and I think we would be wise to embrace that power and to use it wisely. It is a great power which God has given us, and with it comes great responsibility. One day we will all be made to answer for what we chose to do with that power.

Here are some questions that, if I had the opportunity to sit down and interview President Trump, I would be asking. I think these are good questions to put to him, given that he is once more asking us to trust him to hold the highest job in our country.

Q: Why did Trump, after resisting wearing a mask for so long in 2020, finally succumb and put one on in July of that year and send the message to Americans that wearing a mask was the "patriotic" thing to do? This was the moment that I really started to lose faith in Trump's judgment, for the example that he set to Americans when he chose to do that was one of submission to social control rather than resistance to it. That is the point that I began to truly worry that Trump, for whatever reason--and I do not pretend to know what motivates his actions--was not going to be the person to stop us from barreling right into the kind of government which he has promised to protect us from. I don't know his motives or his "heart," but I do know that there are decisions that he made which very much make me question his judgment. So this is a question that I would like for Trump to answer. Why did he put on the mask and claim it was the "patriotic" thing to do?

Q: Why, after so many Americans had traveled to our nation's capitol on January 6 to try to make their voices heard after feeling robbed of their voices in the November 2020 election, did Trump tell everyone to go home. If America was to be "Great Again," then why abandon the principle that our government is supposed to be of, by, and for the people? Trump could have--and I believe should have--rallied the people to know their rightful place in government and reminded them that our government is that to which we give our consent. Some will surely say, "Oh, but he couldn't have! "They" never would have let him." But those who make such an argument are arguing for a submission to tyranny and have forgotten what our "Declaration of Independence" says. A fighter would have fought and a leader would have led. Trump did neither then, and so I would like an explanation from him as to why he did not. I think that, given the circumstances we are now in BECAUSE we didn't push back against tyranny when we should have (with regard to both the election fraud and the masks), we should be demanding that any candidate for POTUS demonstrate to us that he or she is up to the task of being both a fighter and a leader.

Q: Why did Trump shut down our country and divert trillions of dollars of government funding (that comes from us and future generations) to COVID-19 "relief" and to the fast-tracking of an experimental vaccine for a virus that he himself clamed in February 2020 had a VERY low fatality rate and posed no huge threat? I would like Trump to answer that. I also would like for him to explain why it is that he said in February 2020--even when he was saying that the virus posed no real threat--that we were "very close to a vaccine" even at that time. And I would also like for Trump to explain why, if he knew that the virus had such a low fatality rate when he spoke of it in February 2020, that he changed his story and, even to this day, is telling us something else--that it was HIS vaccine (he insists that he be credited for that "beautiful shot") that has saved millions and millions of lives. That simply isn't true, and I would like to ask Trump why it is that he continues to tell us that it is.

Q: Why did Trump say that the COVID boosters were a "moneymaking operation"--and then later get the booster shot? That is another question I would ask Trump.

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