This video isn't eloquent, but it's honest. There are some things I wish I was able to express myself better about, but I won't allow my inability to say it all the way that I'd like for it to be said to stop me from saying anything at all. The commentary below is a good accompaniment to this video. It is a response I posted to someone on Facebook who asked me which candidate I would support if I had to choose today. I think it's important that we do our due diligence and ask all the hard questions. How can we best know the answers to the test if we don't study for it? Perhaps our failure to "study" is the reason we keep failing at so many things. 

We should be making EVERY candidate compete for our vote. It's how we find out who among them is the strongest in the end. 

No one has yet EARNED my vote. But I've had this discussion with my family, and if the vote were held NEXT WEEK, RFK, Jr. would be the person we trust the most. That doesn't mean that we AGREE with him the most, necessarily, but we are sick to death of being told what we want to hear by politicians who never deliver on the follow through. I will put it to you this way. I predicted before the start of the Nebraska legislative session that Constitutional Carry would pass--no problem--and that pro-life issues would get put on the back burner (at least by our politicians--not by the people). What has been going on in our legislature with regard to pro-life issues surprises me none whatsoever.

I have spent enough time talking to slimy politicians to have learned (and they don't really hide it) that what drives their political decisions is what is politically expedient for THEM. They say what it takes to get themselves elected and they do only just as much as is required to try to keep the people pacified. The sad thing is that a lot of them honestly don’t even think they are doing anything wrong. They just think that “that’s just the way it is.” I know this. I have spoken to them and tried like hell to get them to become advocates for the people. They told me, in no uncertain terms, that that is not how the game is played. 

This year was the year for Constitutional Carry. Last year was the year for Voter ID to be what Republicans "delivered" on. And Voter ID was the MOST that any of them would do to address election integrity at all. Even when proof of wrongdoing from our REPUBLICAN Secretary of State was put right in front of them, none of them would do a damn thing about it. These hot button issues are political currency to politicians. They are judicious in how they spend that political currency. Why actually fight to deliver for the people when they can stretch out the pats on the back and the fundraising for another year by postponing the abortion issue. Passing Constitutional Carry allows them to take their victory lap and they will apologize and say that “they tried" on all of the other issues, but “those darn Democrats" just got in the way. Only this year, it's Senator Riepe who must have drawn the short straw. But people are not seeing the big picture if they don’t see that the problem is not just with Riepe.

So what matters to me anymore isn't what letter is next to a person's name on the ballot. And it doesn't even matter to me anymore that they tell me all the "right" things--the things that conservative politicians are supposed to say. Because when it comes right down to it, once they say what they must to get elected, there ain't a dime's worth of difference between a hell of a lot of the Democrats and the Republicans. I don’t even know Kennedy’s position yet on abortion, but it actually might not even be that much different than our damned Republicans! And I think it would be damned hard to argue that we wouldn't have been better off with Kennedy "calling the shots" in 2020. Kennedy has proven to be someone who will say the unpopular things and who is willing to accept being ostracized for the views that he holds. I don't believe that Trump has that kind of courage. DeSantis is not even yet a declared candidate, but I presume he will be, and I would vote for him before I'd vote for Trump, for the simple fact that DeSantis has had the good sense to admit that mistakes were made during the response to the plandemic--AND he includes himself in that criticism. He genuinely seems to be trying to get it right.

But the person who DID get it right (more so than Trump or DeSantis) was Kennedy. There is no way in hell that Kennedy would have allowed Fauci to have led him around by the nose the way that Trump did. And Trump has indicated that he would likely let Fauci off the hook the exact same way that he did Hillary Clinton! So I simply no longer trust his judgment. I waited and waited for the answers and explanations to come. They didn't. And Trump's silence now regarding the harms being caused by "that beautiful shot" that so many Americans took because they trusted HIM when he told them it was safe and effective is just downright appalling to me. Trump begged to be credited for the COVID vaccines, even insisting that it was HIM and not Fauci or Biden who deserved the credit for them. But when things went south (and he was a fool not to have seen it coming), Trump has tucked tail and tried to distance himself from his mistake.

We CANNOT be a nation under God without accountability, and Trump rejects accountability with regard to his own actions. I don't know who I will vote for come election day, but I do know that we get what we accept and that Trump is not going to become a better candidate if we continue to make excuses for his mistakes and to overlook his flaws. People may argue that I am setting too high a bar, but the bar is really quite low. Above all things, I expect honesty. I know that people like to argue that you'll never get that from any politician. But you know what? You damn sure won't when you don't expect it. We need to stop giving them a pass and we need to raise the bar.

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