It will be interesting to see where all of this ends up. This interview is worth a listen, regardless of your party affiliation. The interviewer admits at the end of the interview that they edited out Kennedy's comments regarding COVID-19 and the vaccinations. (For your own protection, I'm sure.) That admission by the interviewer only underscores the fact that our nation continues to be blanketed under a lie--the "biggest lie" of them all, in fact--and politicians from both sides of the aisle are refusing to speak the truth. To do so would mean that they would have to admit that the response to the plandemic was completely botched. Though, for those who were in on the scam, I'm sure it was considered a tremendous success, for our nation WAS fundamentally transformed as a result of how we were led to respond to the COVID-19 attack in 2020. That path of transformation that we have been set upon (even long before the plandemic, but that was a pivotal point) will not reverse without an honest discussion.

I am grateful that Kennedy is in the race for president because he speaks some truths that even Republicans (including, and especially, Trump) will not touch regarding the "biggest lie" of all that blankets our nation. The "cure" that was given in 2020 in response to COVID-19--a virus with a fatality rate of less than half of one percent for most individuals--has proven to have caused more harm to our nation than the virus alone ever could have. As I have said before, I welcome a strong competition in the primary--from both sides of the aisle. Everyone should, I think, because it is through a rigorous and thorough interview process for the job of president that we will end up knowing who the best person for the job would likely be. That doesn't mean that the best person for the job will get it, though. Our elections are still being manipulated, and at this point, I wouldn't even trust a Trump win to be any indicator of election integrity having been restored. 

Having said that, I think that Kennedy's presence in the race may serve well to further expose to many who have perhaps not yet been convinced of it that the rigging of our elections is very real. I also think that Republican candidates should not underestimate the crossover appeal that Kennedy will have. Those Trump supporters who seem to want to hold a coronation of Trump instead of an election often accuse DeSantis of being a spoiler and suggest that he should not run. As I said, I welcome a strong competition and do not agree that Trump should just be crowned, installed, or not expected to have to compete. Again, I think Republicans should not underestimate Kennedy's crossover appeal to Republicans, as well as the fact that Kennedy's entrance into the race gives those disgruntled Democrats who would choose Trump over Biden an option from within their own party. 

Over the last couple of years, there has been a significant shift in the political landscape. Among voters AND among our elected officials--some of whom have changed party affiliation as well. There has been a lot of disgruntlement and dissatisfaction among Democrats with the actions of their party. And the same could be said of the Republican Party as well. The "uniparty" status of our government has led to a blurring of the lines between what it now means to be a Democrat or a Republican voter as well. And yet, the irony is that those in our uniparty government rub elbows with each other as they focus their efforts on ensuring that the team sport of politics remains as bloody as possible. Media sources from both sides of the aisle do us no favors when they reinforce the idea that unearned party loyalty is the way to "unite," and that those who dare to think otherwise are part of the problem. We are being manipulated in so many ways. 

So it seems to me that there is a sort of tug-of-war going within the soul of our nation. Many are able to accurately recognize the many problems of our nation, but we have been unable to recognize how tribal party politics are keeping us stagnant and loyal to "the swamp." There is an inconsistency in everything in our world now that is never going to lead us back to being "one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." We no longer even recognize our own hypocrisy. Instead, as I've written about before, we have established and embraced two-tiered systems of thought regarding what is right and wrong--even as we demand that justice and rule of law be restored. We cannot be a nation under God when we seek to pick and choose who it is that should be held to account--and who should not. These attempts to control information and thought are coming from both the left and the right, from liberals AND from conservatives, from Democrats AND from Republicans.    

I get that some people want to move on and put the plandemic behind us, but I think it is imperative that "we the people" not live by lies. I believe that the fear of speaking the truth because of the consequences of what might result from it demonstrates a lack of faith and a rejection of accountability, for in defending wrongful actions by trying to justify them in such a way, all we are doing is ensuring that truth, justice, law and order, accountability--and GOD--are never restored to our nation. The coverup of the truth about the plandemic is the "biggest lie" that there is, and both Democrats and Republicans are complicit in it. 

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