Given all that we are up against, conservatives would be wise to seek out the strongest possible candidate to represent them. It is very telling that Trump and those who still support him are trying to avoid questions regarding Trump’s role in the COVID-19 vaccines. Do you think those on the left aren’t aware that this is Trump’s weakness? Trump surely knows it, too. Why else has he--after having previously boasted that it was HE who deserved all the credit for "that beautiful shot"--now gone dead silent on the harms the shots are causing?

Do you think that the left would not engage in stunts in order to rally people to support Trump? And do you think for one second that the left won’t try to pin ALL of the blame for the shots on Trump? If you think they wouldn’t do that because it would incriminate them for their own part in the plandemic, then you haven’t been paying attention. Blaming others for that which they themselves are guilty is what they do! And whether people are aware of it or not, Trump has given them all the ammo they need, for there exists plenty of video of Trump boasting about how HARD he pushed to get through the red tape in order to fast-track experimental vaccines—for a virus with a fatality rate of less than half of one percent. 

I've been accused of "trolling" for raising these concerns. I’m not. Fact check me and see for yourself. I'd love to finally hear someone make an argument that would set my mind at ease and convince me that this shitshow isn't every bit as big and dangerous as what I fear it is. Trump’s own words are damning, though. This isn't about "blaming Trump." It's about doing what is best for our nation. I’m trying to warn conservatives that they ought to be seeking out a candidate that the left isn’t holding so many cards to leverage against. The dangers of the vaccines are a big issue among Trump’s base. When people are reminded (or perhaps see for the first time) all that Trump has said about his role in their development, Trump will lose support from many. What happens when the left plays that hand? 

The forgetting of history is a dangerous thing. I’ve done my research and I’ve not forgotten the things that occurred. Even if Trump were allowed to “win” the 2024 election, it would mean nothing, for our elections have NOT been secured—and until Trump speaks honestly about his role in the development of the vaccines, he would still be compromised and could be leveraged by others over that. Don’t tell me that Trump’s silence on the harms being caused by the shots doesn’t compromise him. It does. So many people try to defend Trump’s bad judgments with the excuse that if he had acted differently, the media or the left or the “experts” would have destroyed him. He “had no choice,” they say. I hear that excuse every single day, and it is a weak defense of Trump's mistakes. 

What kind of power do you think can be wielded over Trump’s ego when he is demonstrating RIGHT NOW to Americans that he will allow a fear of what others will think of him--if he were to speak the TRUTH about the vaccines--to compel him to stay silent when he should be speaking up to warn people to stop taking the harmful shots? A man who would modulate his speech out of a fear of the consequences of speaking the truth is not a man who can be trusted to protect us. We would be fools to trust Trump’s judgment to do the right thing in the future because he isn’t doing the right thing NOW.

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