The article linked below addresses what (I believe) should be topics of discussion that are kept at the forefront of the 2024 election cycle. I'll go ahead and add in my caveat that I, in no way whatsoever, expect that election integrity is going to be restored, but that is all the more reason for us to be having HONEST discussions right now. Much of the reason that we have not restored election integrity is because too many were involved in playing politics, rubbing elbows with all the wrong people (even when they knew better), and engaging in talk of "winning" races when the finish line was never even anywhere in sight. None of the issues facing our nation are ever going to be resolved until we are capable of seeing outside of party line divisions and take an honest and unbiased look (at least, as much as is possible) at what is truly going on.

It didn’t take a crystal ball and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to "get it right." The Epoch Times article by Robin Koerner is a worthwhile read, but it isn't something that should simply be read and moved on from. I've had people tell me recently that we should just "move on" from any further discussion of all of the mistakes that were made in 2020 with regard to the response that was given to the plandemic. But that is the LAST thing we should be doing. Our nation was destroyed (perhaps irreparably) over the response that was given to a virus with a fatality rate of less than half of one percent. And the reason that we CAN NOT move on from that is because there are damn few among our leaders who are even willing to speak the truth about the true threat that the virus ever posed. We still are blanketed under the suffocating lie that the COVID-19 virus was so deadly as to warrant billions of our government funding being put toward the fast-tracked distribution of an untested vaccine AND trillions more in government funding being put toward COVID "relief"--much of which went to the very organizations and institutions which sought to keep us masked, distanced, and (later) vaccinated as a pre-requisite for participation in society. 

Red flags were raised when we were suddenly being asked to use masks in ways that we had not been doing previously to protect ourselves from viruses—and it was printed right there on the side of the box of masks that they were not effective against viruses. And for those who STILL wanted more proof that something was up, there wasn’t a single study cited by the CDC on any of their pages recommending masking which supported the use of them. Oh, studies were cited, making it look official and all, but none of them supported the advice we were being given. And, again, common sense alone pointed to the fact that we weren’t previously using masks in the way we were suddenly being asked to use them. 

Not rocket science, folks. And yet our 5-D chess player president didn’t do his due diligence on the matter. When Trump and his administration began to tell Americans that masking was the “patriotic” thing to do, I wrote over and over again to the White House warning of what sending such an example of submission to social control would lead us to. (And I wasn’t wrong.) Many of us didn’t take the shots because, as with the masks, it simply defied common sense to do so. The risk outweighed any possible benefit, for the virus (and Trump knew this early on) had a VERY low fatality rate. This Epoch Times article is correct in seeking answers as to why some people made the decisions that they did, but it is Trump from whom we truly need answers, for he is asking to be the helm of our country once more,, and when it came to his plandemic response, he made many wrong decisions resulting in consequences for which we may not know the extent for years to come. With great power comes great responsibility. So many others knew the truth about the virus and the vaccines, so why didn’t Trump? It was his job to have been thorough on the matter in order to keep up protected. I voted for Trump, but I can tell you that I wish like hell someone like RFK, Jr. had been POTUS during the plandemic.

It's impossible to overstate the importance of bringing an open discussion to the forefront regarding what took place in our nation during the 2020 plandemic response. It was a botched effort, to be sure. But moving on to the question of WHY it is that we aren't having more discussion of such a significant and pivotal point in our nation's recent history, I think we have to get so honest that it hurts. And a lot of people don't want to do that. It is no surprise, really, that the guy who was at the helm of our nation during the plandemic and who is once again asking to hold the job once more is running a campaign that completely avoids speaking to his role in any of it. What is truly surreal, though, is that our nation has permitted Trump to remain silent on the matter. In fact--and I know this from my own experience--raising any questions about this results in one being shunned by those who cannot provide answers to the questions being asked, and who simply want the questions to go away. But ignoring the questions and any discussion of them doesn't make the problems go away. The self-proclaimed "father of the vaccine" is being given a pass on having to discuss the harms being caused by "that beautiful shot" that he has claimed we would not have if not for him. Trump and his supporters KNOW (consciously or subconsciously) that the COVID vaccines are his Achilles' heel. To discuss his role in the development of the "modern-day miracle" (for which we said he deserves all the credit) would be to shine a spotlight upon, not only Trump's failures as president, but ALSO upon his weakness as a candidate. What happens when Trump is finally made to speak to his role in the vaccines? That is a bear that's gonna catch up with him.  

We are a nation that is trying to sweep so many things under the rug. Ignoring problems doesn't make them go away, though. I think we also need to be discussing how it is we got to the point of being a nation that prefers the comfort of a lie to the harsh reality of the truth. People are uninformed and misinformed. The problem runs so much deeper than just the fake news that people consume from mainstream media sources. Globalist technocrats like Yuval Noah Harari told us that people and nations could be conquered now through manipulation carried out from an accumulation of their data. He was right. They have done it. I have been pleased to see RFK, Jr. speaking about the dangers of how our data collection can be used against us in this way. I don’t know if people truly understand the extent of the dangers of it. I believe that Kennedy does. I know so many people who no longer speak to me now because I have tried to warn them for months and months that the propaganda that they have bought into (ironically, as a result of seeking out an alternative to the fake news of the mainstream media) is so very dangerous to our country. The two-minute clip in the link below shows how popular propagandists (like SGAnon, who is followed by many people that I know) are conditioning people to accept more and more social control—and communist and globalist ideas. So many people have remained complacent in the face of what has been taking place in our nation because they believe the narratives that are told in these propaganda videos that Trump is “in control” and that he has “a plan” that they should blindly trust. But listen to this two-minute excerpt and then, if you see the dangers in it that I do, please warn anyone you know who has bought into these stories that they are fake news and that, under the guise of being pro-Trump and MAGA, what they are really doing is conditioning people to easily be led like sheep to slaughter. Trump should speak out and disassociate his name, his slogan, and his message from this dangerous propaganda.

We need to be taking a "big picture" approach when trying to find solutions to our problems. We cannot do that when we willfully ignore inconvenient truths. My own approach to problem solving has always been to try to seek out the root of the problem. With that in mind, I will end this article by sharing a video I made months ago titled, "Accountability, God, and the Importance of a Strong Foundation." We cannot be a nation under God without accountability, and if we want to restore God to our nation, we cannot continue trying to hide from the truth. 

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