Until we break our addiction to the entertainment of political theater and get serious about doing what is necessary to bring about change in our nation, you can bet your bottom dollar that the soap opera will continue on indefinitely.

I think that many don't want the never-ending story of the soap opera to end, because the only things that will end it will be the involvement of the people to truly begin to hold people to account. That isn't happening, though, and largely because the tribal mindset has people so locked into only wishing to hold to account those on the OTHER side that the bad actors within one's own party are never held to account. Listen to every political talking head that is out there. The narrative is always that the problems we face are the fault of those on the other side of the aisle. Well, yes, that is true; however, the reason that those on the left continue to get away with so much is because of the failures of those on the right.

Talk is cheap and we are a nation of people itching for a bargain. Look at how long we have been told that accountability is coming--and soon. "Tick Tock," Hannity said. But there has been no accountability and there are no indications that accountability is going to come in the future from recycled empty promises made by Trump. The root of the problem isn't even with Trump, though. The root of the problem is US. 

Do you know how many people there are who will agree with me that Trump made some very costly mistakes to our nation in 2020, but who also claim that Trump "had no choice?" There is always a choice. And we continue, as a nation, to choose poorly. The fault for the mess we are in is our own, but many don't want to admit that. It's easier to hide behind Trump and to continue to tune into the political theater with fingers crossed that it will hopefully all work out in such a way that never requires our active involvement or any sacrifice on our part. A nation of, by, and for the people necessarily requires the involvement of the people. When we withdraw from that responsibility, then our government can no longer be of, by, and for the people. It becomes something else entirely. Nothing will change in our nation until WE change first. And I'll be honest with you, I don't think that we are a nation of people who are willing to put in the work.

We get what we accept.

* To clarify (because I didn't state it well in the video), when I said that if Trump were allowed to "win" that it would fix our nations problems,  what I had in mind when I said that is that a Trump win would serve the purpose of the left by lulling many into believing that all was once more right with the world (that elections still worked, that Trump would fix everything, etc.) while also allowing the left to continue to train people's gaze wherever they want it to be with a continuation of the "get Trump" theater.

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