This video is sort of another installment of commentary about things which I believe we must do if we are ever going to make any progress in the fight against tyranny--AND about things which I believe are imperative for us to do if we are to avoid further decline. 

As I have often stated, I believe the answers are to be found in US--in "we the people." (And, of course, in whether or not "we the people" choose accountability and God.) The approach which I have tried to encourage others to take is one that would have them recognize their own value and the need for THEIR OWN voices to be heard. That is how "we the people" get representation. And at a time when our elected officials are failing to speak on our behalf and defend the rights of the people, then speaking up TO THEM is also how we get accountability from our government. 

We have not been doing that. Not really. We have complained loudly. We have begged them to stop. We have tried to go around them using lawfare in a two-tiered justice system. (They welcome the lawsuits. What does that tell you?) And then we continue to be surprised and disappointed by the outcomes which such approaches deliver. To truly be accountable to OURSELVES, we must do what we can to make our government answer to us. No excuses. No whining about how it won't make any difference. At the very least, it brings crystal clear clarity about where it is that we stand. And there is value in knowing that.

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