Remember the School House Rock episode about how a bill becomes a law? Well, despite being familiar with that, which tells about how a bill becomes a law in our U.S. Congress, I am finally learning how to actually TAKE PART in that process by seeking to propose some legislation which I would like to see introduced into our Unicameral during the next legislative session.
I've never done this before. I'm learning as I go, and I welcome all the help I can get. These are just my suggestions for two pieces of legislation which I would like to see taken up by our senators. But I cannot emphasize enough that if you would also like to see these ideas be drafted into bills for our legislature to consider, you MUST reach out to me on the matter, for this can only succeed as a coordinated effort of "we the people."

Oh, and we are running out of time. Now is the time to put these suggestions to our senators. NOW. So if the holidays and sports and whatnot are more important to you at the moment, then please move on. You are not the people I am seeking. The hardest part of getting something done is getting people to participate. Once that is done, though, the doorway is opened to bringing the rest of the plan to fruition. But it DOES NOT happen if that door remains closed. And this is NOT something which I will be able to succeed at on my own. It's all about "we the people;" not about "him" or "her" or "that couple over there." Get it? It does require involvement of the people, and I do believe that it is our responsibility to be the ones to hold our government to account. If we do not participate in steering our government and providing them with oversight, then we truly have no right to complain about the government we consent to accept through our silence and our inaction. The choice is ours. And the time is now.

Here are the things which I am suggesting that we ask a senator to have drafted into a bill for the next legislative session. I have proposed that we approach Senator Clements, for he is the only senator in our state who once had the good sense to listen to the concerns of the people with regard to securing our elections. He is the only senator in Nebraska who agreed to sign on to a call for nationwide audits of the November 2020 election. He has since backed away from his support for such things, but I believe that the reason for it is because of the pressure of the comments put forth by Governor Ricketts and Secretary of State Bob Evnen who contradicted Clements' support for audits with public proclamations that there was essentially "nothing to see here" and that elections in Nebraska were just fine and dandy.

So let's find out if Senator Clements will once again listen to the people (and not the politicians). Let's ask him this. Will he take up these two suggestions for legislation? (And if not, then why?)

1) All internet accessibility and remote access to our voter registration system shall be prohibited; and

2) to amend the definition of "voting system" to remove the recently added language permitting “any software or service” to be used in our voting system and to say that "software and electronics may only be used in the creating of ballots and only in the casting of ADA ballots and never in the counting of ballots, though not to exclude calculators free of programmable software, nor electronics as used in video surveillance of the process."

I have discussed in another recent video why it is that I believe we should propose these things in this way, thought I am certainly open to suggestions to make them better. You can review that video here, if you like:

If you are interested in helping to pursue these ideas, contact me (Jennifer Hicks) at And if you have election law suggestions of your own that you are already in the process of putting forth to a senator, then please reach out as well. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have always believed that the only way we will have success in restoring integrity to our elections is if we involve the people in the solution. In fact, the people ARE the solution. Enough time has been spent watching election integrity “experts” outside of our state and hoping that things will get fixed here in our own. Haven't we learned our lesson yet? The answer is "we the people." So if you are engaged in your own efforts, then PLEASE ensure that you are not missing that key component and reach out to me and to everyone you can to get them involved as well.

And finally, the video above was made as a follow up to the one below, which explains why I am wearing a shirt that says "Because I'm the Mom, That's Why!" As parents steer their children, so too must we steer our government. Look what happens when we don't. We go right off the rails. You can view that video here, if you like:

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