The quote in the title of this video is from January 6 political prisoner Jeremy Brown, who has been jailed by our government for over 400 days now without a trial. This video is not about him (though I believe I do briefly reference him), but it's about the importance of his message that we "Don't do nothing." 

Those who would like to learn more about Jeremy Brown may read about his story (and support him in this gun raffle, if you like--it's legit) at the following link:

And if you would like to follow the podcast to which he calls in almost daily with updates, you may do so here:

The above link refers to his "campaign" because he actually ran for congress from his jail cell. Most people in our country probably don't even know who Jeremy Brown is. To me, he is a hero, and a leader. If it were up to me to choose our next presidential candidate, Jeremy Brown would be my pick. Hands down. 

So while I do try to keep Nebraskans focused on what is going on in our own state, I believe that one of the best ways for us to "do something" with regard to pushing back against the wrongdoing that has been permeating our country--to include election fraud, as well as the threats (and actual punishments!) imposed by our government upon those who dared to assemble peacefully in protest of the fraud--is for us to speak out against lies at every opportunity and to do everything we can to hold all elected officials to their oath and ensure that they are answerable to us. And it begins, right here, in our very own state. 

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