I'm just sick to death of the hypocrisy. Anyone who is honest (and it seems that damn few are anymore) would have to admit that political gamesmanship matters more to them than actually mustering any sort of fight for the independence of our nation. And, if we are being really honest, we are not independent at all. It's all a facade.

Look at how quick those on the left can assemble and organize. There is an army out there that sits at the ready. In the past, that army of folks who the left could turn out at a moment's notice to engage in riots, looting, and the burning of businesses was largely comprised of a bunch of stupid (and, ironically, mostly white) kids who only truly posed a threat to communities in that they would show up in numbers to vandalize. Those rioters should have been dealt with, spanked, and sent back to their parents. (Or back to the universities and schools that they teach at, because a lot of them were teachers.) But it wasn't done.

We have seen again recently just how quickly the left can assemble when people were brought out to protest against Israel. The left was so ready to go, they had their t-shirts already printed, reminiscent of the organization it took to clothe so many of the illegal immigrants at our southern border with Biden t-shirts. Remember that? So now that our southern border has been wide open and welcoming to illegal immigrants, do you think that all of those people who the left can so quickly assemble are still largely comprised of only clumsy, foolish, misguided hoodlums who think its cool to be given permission and assistance to riot and loot? 


Coming (sooner than you think) to a neighborhood near you:



The numbers of these on-call armies of people are still largely comprised of useful idiots, but given that our government has allowed our borders to be wide open and inviting to terrorists, we would be fools to assume that these on-call armies are not also comprised of armed and dangerous terrorists whose intent to cause harm is not limited to simple disruptions, vandalism, and the destruction of property, but whose goal it is to destroy our nation and who are willing to give their lives in pursuit of that cause. We also would be fools to assume that this kind of activity is contained only to certain areas of the country. It was in Minneapolis that the BLM riots in the name of George Floyd first began and then spread across the country. 

People need to wake the hell up and smell the reality of things as they are. Americans are so unprepared for the fight that is coming. Right now, it seems that most people (regardless of party) have been brainwashed into sniffing a turd and believing that it smells like a rose. Headlines for years now have been telling conservatives that they are "WINNING!" and that we are on the cusp of locking up all the bad guys and "Making America Great Again." Just pop your corn and enjoy the show. Propaganda messages have taken such a stronghold in our nation that the distortion of reality has permeated into the mindset of our government and into conservative media outlets whom I once would have considered trustworthy. (Or, at least, as trustworthy as any well-meaning media outlets could be.) None of them can be trusted anymore, though. They have all been compromised by their trained and conditioned response to remain loyal to their political party. And as our focus remains on the bloodsport of tribal party politics and hopes of "winning" elections that we know damn well are corrupted, those who have us so well-trained are rotting away our government from within. Right under our noses and with our own help!

I don't pretend to know exactly who it is that is behind such organization, but I can see as clear as day that we have government that is involved in it (or perhaps fears it, because they are all controlled and compromised as well). If there are enough people left in our nation who haven’t succumbed to the brainwashing of propaganda that is meant to keep us all loyal to the corrupt system that fronts as two separate parties, even as those parties operate in unison against us, then those independent thinkers who are still out there should be doing their level best to organize a sufficient army of "we the people" to be at the ready to stand up to and resist the tyrants who already have seized control of our government and who have an organized and on-call army of their own ready to show up anywhere at a moment’s notice. 

People need to wake up and realize that our nation has been invaded from both inside and outside of it. They have organized militia. We don't. We pretend that we do, because many seem to believe that having a gun in one's hand is enough. It isn't. We are a nation of people who have homes with gun safes full of firearms; and, yet, we have still allowed our nation to become invaded by foreigners who want to kill us and we have permitted our government to be taken over by tyrants—both foreign and domestic, and from both sides of the aisle—who have subdued us by showing us how they could target, frame, and lock up innocent people.

There is zero organization on the side of conservatives. None. And I think that part of the problem (implemented by design of those who wish to destroy us) is the mass confusion that has permeated our nation to the point that, even as I write this warning, I find myself at a loss in trying to find the right words to use in speaking about us as a nation of people. I just referenced “conservatives,” and on other parts of this writing, I speak of those on “the left.” Things have become so convoluted (again, by design, to keep us divided and confused) that I don't even know which words to use to best describe all of the players in this theater of chaos. I just know that we only hurt ourselves when we stay locked into the narratives prescribed to us by the tyrants themselves of speaking only in terms of Democrats vs Republicans. But those narratives have become so entrenched into our identity as a nation that so many people can no longer think of “we the people” in any other terms than in those which our enemies have conditioned us to accept. It is a system of enslavement, though, to be bound to any political party. "We the people"--all of us--need to be smarter than we have been. 

Kennedy’s candidacy offers an unorganized nation of “we the people” the opportunity to unite in resistance to tyranny. Anyone whose political views are still only focused on the political distractions of issues such as pro-life vs pro-choice, or gun rights vs gun control, or any of the other major distractions used by political parties to keep the focus off of their true agenda of destroying our nation is missing the big picture. Those are all important issues, no doubt, but they are not where our focus should be at present—if we are smart. Look at the threats posed by the already organized on-call armies of people who could so quickly overwhelm an unprepared community. Do you think that those people give a damn about the sanctity of life? And, if LGBT issues are a cause that you champion, good luck appealing to a mob of people infiltrated with those who would gladly throw homosexuals from rooftops. The distractions of petty political theater has made us blind to the greatest threats we face. Greg Gutfeld, in his comments below, is correct when he speaks of the dangers as nothing less than a threat to the survival of our country. If “we the people” were smart, we’d be assembling our own organized army that can be called to show up at a moment’s notice. It is our right to be so prepared, and, if we are sincere in our patriotism, then it is our duty as well.

Everyone wants to avoid a fight, but I think that what Gutfeld had the courage to say out loud in the article referenced below is right. 


We need to be more honest than we have been. In addition to the comments cited above, Gutfeld also said that our elections don't work. He's right. Our elections certainly don’t work. (Do you think that they do?) We are at a point at which we must decide whether we will fight or whether we will continue to surrender. Gutfeld is no warmonger, and neither am I, but we are long past the point at which we should have put up a fight, at the very least, in terms of resistance to the corruption.

We hear arguments every day now that Israel has a right to defend itself. Well, guess what? So do we. Our nation was usurped at the ballot box in 2020 and our elections are still not secured. We have government that targets, frames, and locks up innocent people. It isn't a matter of choosing to engage in conflict. The conflict already exists. It's here. The thing for us to do now is to choose how it is that we will respond to the provocation from our own government that occurs when our rights continue to get trampled upon. Those who think that the Constitution still matters, or that we exist under a Constitutional Republic, are not being honest about the true state of things. As previously noted, we have no voice at the ballot box, we have no representation, and we have government that has targeted and framed citizens for crimes which they have not committed. Most people don’t even perceive the threat that looms over us all. And they probably won’t until it is too late.

I won't comply with the expectation that I "have to" support a Republican for president any more than I complied with the order to "mask up" for the greater good. I don't see the sense in being obedient to that which seeks to destroy us. I don't see how continuing to support a tyrannical government that allows us no voice and no representation does anything more than to continue to empower the corruption. I don't think that any fears that people may have about how Kennedy would govern are valid when the alternative is to continue to support a power structure that is never going to be broken down UNLESS it is challenged. I don't welcome the challenge, but I think it is necessary if we are to have a fighting chance. I am aware that the conditioned response to remain loyal to the two-party system runs deep and that most likely won't make the same choice that I do, because most are hoping to hold on to their comfort for as long as they can. I don't think it's wise for us to do that, though, and I fear that by the time others realize that we should have put up a fight, it will be too late.

We get what we accept. Kennedy’s candidacy offers an opportunity that I fear we will never have again. The choice is ours to make. Will we choose to remain under the thumb of a two-party system of government that allows on-call armies of terrorists to do as they please, even as that same government falsely labels peaceful assemblies from “we the people” as insurrection? Or will we find it in ourselves to unite a sufficient army of our own, comprised of “we the people," to resist the tyranny? It only works if we can recognize that the threat comes from within both the Democratic and Republican parties. I’ve heard many often say that things will get worse before they get better. I am convinced that things will indeed get worse. Whether there is any chance for things to eventually get better or not will depend upon what we choose to do now, in this moment in history. Will “we the people” unite or will we instead choose to submit to the conditioned response of remaining loyal to political parties who are very clearly comprised of a majority of people who wish to see our nation destroyed?

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