That is a question that was left under a Facebook post of mine in which I said that I believe that we need to turn to God in prayer to guide us as to who it is we should vote for in the upcoming election.

Well, as someone who has been a candidate myself, I would not have ever described myself as "Godly" (and certainly not capitalized, as it was in the question that was put to me). I do understand how the word "Godly" was meant as it was asked, but I cannot answer that question without pointing to my own discomfort with one meaning of the word being the equivalent of "divine." It just isn't a word that I would ever feel comfortable using to describe myself.
Having said that, this is my clumsy answer to that question. In short, my answer is to ask this question: Where are the godly (lowercase "godly") people in our country? If we had not been so idle and negligent, our country would not have fallen into the current state which it is in. 

This is the Facebook post that is referenced:

I understand the fear that people have. But I believe that until we put our faith back in God and cast our votes for people based on who we believe has the most integrity (even if we may not all agree on who that is), then we will continue to reap what we sow. And I do believe we are in for tough times ahead, but if we sincerely want to chart a new and better path, then I think that we have to find the courage to be willing to accept the consequences of what our negligence has brought upon us. 

Government should be of, by, and for the people, but when we withdraw from our responsibilities and fail to engage, then our government becomes something else entirely. That is where we are, I think, and I think the only way back is through--not around. Many are hoping for shortcuts to escape our own accountability. We are not entitled to God's protection. I believe we must seek it in earnest, and that may very well mean that we do have to endure some of the pain which we have brought upon ourselves. 

We should not be so arrogant as to think that we can escape that judgement. BUT... I've never had God fail me, and I believe that we are being tested to demonstrate faith over fear. Will we pass the test? I don't know. That is my perspective on things. I trust that God's a better "chess player" than I am, and I believe that God knows better than I do what "winning" looks like. I will do as I feel called and leave the rest to God. 


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