To those who are trying to shame and guilt people into voting for Pillen--shut up. 

You get to cast **one** vote and that is your OWN. I ain't tellin' you what to do with your vote, 'cause it ain't mine to spend. But you know what? As an eligible voter in the state of Nebraska, I get to choose who it is who gets MY vote. Stop trying to get me to deny my personal convictions so that you can "vote" more than once for an inferior candidate. 

It is only YOUR assessment of each of those candidates which leads you to the conclusion that, to you, Blood is more dangerous for Nebraskans than Pillen would be. From where I sit, and from the holistic front row view of the political landscape as it exists in our state right now, my own assessment is that we are NOT safer under Pillen, who did not speak up when his friends in government used the "bully pulpit" of their elected positions to issue a public verdict of guilt against a person who never was given the presumption of innocence. 

So anyone who thinks that Pillen is somehow better because they think he is pro-life better take a damn good look at the character of each of those candidates. It is no small thing to me that we have government in our own state and all across our country who think it's perfectly okay to label Americans as something which they are not, whether it is to claim that they are a sexual abuser (as they did with Herbster) or whether it is to claim that a person is trying to overthrow the government (as has been the case with those wrongly accused regarding events of January 6, AND as has been the case with my own Senator Slama who has herself wrongly accused ME of "trying to overthrow the government"). 

I take that quite personally and extremely seriously. And those who are single issue voters with regard to abortion need to take a good look at the reality of things. We presently HAVE a Republican governor. Roe v Wade HAS been overturned, and yet Ricketts has not been busting his ass to ensure that abortion is banned in our state. All we get are words and promises from people who are not trustworthy to keep their word. 

You are afraid of Blood because you know what she is capable of and willing to do. I fear Pillen for the EXACT same reasons. It is an outright lie to suggest that there are only two candidates in this race, and I would NEVER give my vote to the likes of Pillen or Blood.

Shaming people into voting for Pillen is the only hope that his supporters have to try to win votes for him. The arguments for why people should vote for him just aren't there. So shaming people and using fear tactics is really all that's left.

If you want to point the finger at someone, then point it where it actually belongs. Not at the voters, but at an incompetent GOP which has failed the people, time and time again. It will take the courage of people who are willing to accept the accountability of our part in it, for having permitted it to continue for so long, to bring about REAL change. And that only happens when we say NO MORE.

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